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No time - will ADS do the trick

No time - will ADS do the trick

Here’s the scenario. I am 6.5 BPEL x 5 and pretty happy with my size. Due to my very busy schedule, I really have no time to devote to PE (not to mention that my wife has asked me not to get it any bigger). What I would like to accomplish though is a better flaccid hanging size. We hot tub nude with our friends about once a month and I like to go to the nude beach in the summer. If I’m warm, comfortable and relaxed, I can hang around 4 inches - a nice puffy size that turns my wife on. But under normal circumstances I hang flaccid around 2 inches (not exactly a turtle though).

After looking at all the options, I think the All Day Stretch is something I can commit to - especially since I work at home a lot. I have been wrapping my dick with an ace bandage (no tugging mechanism, just the wrap) so I’m at full length for about 8 hours a day.

Do you think that this is something that will provide permanent benefits? Do I need to do anything else? Is there a better way to improve flaccid size? I’m fully shaved, so I’ve already used that trick.


I’m curious about this also. I am not happy with the flaccid size. I tried wrapping before, but not sure if I was doing it right. You have to be very careful to NOT let the penis get cold. I guess nerves in the penis become damaged or possibly dead if you do not let it breathe every short increment of time. I’d like to hear the others chime in on this topic!

Well, when I started wrapping is when I started getting my first flaccid gains. I did do it at the same time as I was jelquing and doing orange bends once or twice daily, and I suspect that the wrap helped. Not sure if the wrap will do it all alone. I don’t do that anymore, since I went on to other techniques, but I felt it was useful.

By the way, an earlier thread I started on the subject: Wrapping for passive PE

regards, mgus

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The stretch called the “Fowfer” might help.



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