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No sensation

No sensation

Over the last month during sex I can’t tell if I am fully erect half erect or what during penetration. I have sex with 2-3 women and when I am inside them I feel nothing or almost nothing. Driving me crazy can’t cum either.

You have given us no information to even give us a clue as to what is causing your problem.

Have you been doing PE? Do you drink a lot? Are you on any medication? Has anything changed in you lifestyle that you think might be significant?

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

No nothing comes to mind no medication,no alcohol, no lifestyle changes. I PE 2 on 1 off doing a little more than newbie routine and lite pumping occasionally.Sensitivity seems gone took break from everything from PE,masturbating,porn. Just started out of no where.

Taking a break is the right thing to do.

PE has desensitized my cock which is actually a good thing. Before PE, my foreskin was super tight and I was really sensitive and came too easily.

I find jelqing down the length of my unit and stopping just before the glans significantly decreases sensitivity. If I jelq only half way and make sure not to focus pressure on my dorsel nerve, I maintain good sensitivity despite stretching/jelqing/pumping/clamping.

I have the same problem. I can`t feel how high my EQ is while having sex, hell I don`feel much at all. I can`t cum inside the vagina either. I`ve had this problem since puberty. I’m living healthy and I have tried everything like: Viagra, Cialis, L-Arginine, PE, Different girlfriends, Stopped jerking, Stopped watching porn, Long foreplay etc but nothing really helped. I`m sorry for you my friend.

How engorged is your glans during erection? Can you make yourself cum during masturbation?

Bendall have you ever seen a doctor?

Guys I also recommend you do a google/Thunders search for ‘Retarded Ejaculation’, there is some really good information out there.

This is realy serious guys…
I’m kinda strange tho, when i go over my glans with a wet handpalm i still cringe like a little boy but im rather insensetive when im flaccid.
Still, you have to be very carefull when jelqing, do NOT pull on it like in a tug of war and dont jelq with all your might

Be very carefull Gent’s your cock is the only one you have.

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I experienced that while dating a woman a few years ago.

It took me weeks to be able to ejaculate inside her.

She was nuts though, and it took her being a dick to my son to make me see her true nature.

I guess my dick is smarter than me sometimes!

Seriously though, male sexuality is so precarious at times, and society has this perception that we are bullet-proof, which makes issues all the more difficult to discuss and be supported through.even by loved ones.

Another reason to be grateful for thunders.

Bump, because i think it is very important.

Current size: 19.5cm by 12.5 cm

Short term goal: 21cm by 14cm

Long term goal: 23cm by 16 cm

You may be experiencing referred paresthesia.

The sciatic nerve can become compressed due to an injury — or due to muscular knots/tightness in the piriformis muscle (a muscle deep in the buttocks) that in approximately 15% of the population the sciatic nerve runs through — not around .

The pudendal and perineal nerves innervate the penis and the perineal/perianal area — even the anal sphincter. Compression on the sciatic nerve can cause referred paresthesia to the pudendal and perineal nerves.

Signals from the dorsal nerve of the penis have to traverse the deep perineal and pudendal nerves before making it to the spinal cord.

Please go see an orthopedic or osteopatic physician to rule out damage to the nerves of the sacral spine.

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Took Time off, lost some gains-- Girth cemented

No PE since 2015 -- starting back up

Once again three times this week. I can’t feel anything look down one time hard as a rock but really can’t tell.Then a few minutes later I Think I am hard and I look and it’s maybe half hard. Shits crazy.

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