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No red dots??

No red dots??

I haven’t had any red dots whatsoever, do you need to have them to get any real growth?? I don’t think i was jelqing properly for the first month, as i have recently tried jelqing with a fuller grip and it has resulted in a much bigger flaccid size right after which i never used to get before. Although i didn’t measure before it seems as if i have increased my girth slighlty but not my length. Also, does anyone know where can you get ‘rice socks’ from for the warm up? Thanks in advance for any help.

I often only get red dots when doing really intense jelqing ( I always do 10 minutes sessions, so far).

A rice sock is something you make yourself. Take an ordinary sock and fill with rice and tie it. Voilá, a rice sock. Heat it in microwave oven for approx 2 minutes.

Hi trevor,

No, you don’t need to see any dots - red or otherwise - in order to gain. I’ve only experienced them a couple of times during my PE career, yet have continued to gain.

Most people make their own rice socks. Here’s a recent thread on the topic.


In contrast to Stevie31, I get a constellation of red dots after PE, and after a month, no gains.
Go figure.

I wet jelqed in the beginning and had no dots and no gains. Now I’ve started dry jelqing instead and I have dots and still no gains. So it’s safe to say that dots make little difference if you don’t want to gain.

Anyway, it doesn’t seem like you would get dots if you were trying to gain length.

But whenever I talk to hoes they say girth is most important.

Has anyone found that they gained girth better when they got the dots as opposed to when they didnt?

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