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No real pump after jelqing

No real pump after jelqing

I feel like I’m finally getting closer to the correct jelqing technique, but I don’t think I’m there 100%. I’ve been doing the newbie routine, but taking it easy with stretches right now. Just doing about 2 to 3 minutes of stretches but 200 jelqs still. Now when I start I work up a slight erection but obviously not 100%. I squeeze down at the bottom work my way to the head, and when I get to the head, I put the other hand on the bottom. Rinse, repeat. The thing is when I’m done, I’m a little plump, but this disappears by the time I get out of the shower and get my clothes on. So I’m not sure if this plumpness is just from having a slight erection and it’s just subsiding. When I first tried jelqing years ago, I had done it once and was a lot longer and fatter for a lot longer so that’s kind of what I’m shooting for, but I don’t know if that’s what normally happens. I also haven’t been getting erections randomly throughout the day but have still been getting morning wood. My erections also don’t seem incredibly strong. There has been times when I have been plump and get stronger erections so I’m definitely shooting for that, but it never lasts.

Can anyone offer some advice? Am I squeezing/going at it too hard? Am I not doing enough?

Thanks in advance.

Slight erection? Recommended levels are 70-80%. Your penis should remain plump for a good while after jelqing if you’re doing it right.

70-80% isn’t really ”recommended”. It depends on a persons preference, just refrain from 100% erect jelqing. I never get random erections in the day usually either but usually get morning wood. If you find your erections aren’t so strong I’d suggest either lowing the amount of jelq repetitions or taking a rest day when that happens. I have no clue how you’re jelqing and honestly for some people the plumpness doesn’t stay for that long, it doesn’t in my case especially since I stretch after. But ideally you want your flaccid hanging well the next day when you wake up which is a good indication.

Alright well that’s good news. Right now I’m waking up with morning wood, shower, it shrivels back up, and then by the time I get to work I’ve had a couple glasses of water and my flaccid starts to hang pretty low. I think I like jelqing at around 70% more too… If I go any lower it just seems too difficult with my less than average girth.

Tomorrow is an off day, but if I’m ready, on Saturday, I’m going to try jelqing at a higher erection percentage (~80%), but a looser grip. Wish me luck!

If you PE at night try doing a bed fowfer until you fall asleep you will wake up with a fat flaccid

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