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No post-PE engorgement no gains

No post-PE engorgement no gains

From what I’ve read, after stretching/jelqing (typical PE routine), you should experience some pretty good hang and engorgement for a while, but I’ve yet to really have this effect.

My routine is usually a lengthy amount of manual stretching while flaccid, followed by various jelqing techniques and so forth, again followed by some additional stretching. All in all the routine last 45 mins to an hour (just now trying to do it twice a day, too). Granted, there is the noticeable engorgement for a little bit of time, but not like I’ve read, or so it seems.

Is this any indication that I’m not having any results? If so, I’d like to know early on so as to change the problem.


How long have you been PE’ing? A lot of the members here have been PE’ing for a long time. The post-workout engorgement and hang stacks on top of each other. It won’t just all of a sudden hang better for the rest of the day. It will gradually hang longer and fuller as time goes by or at least it did for me and others that I know of. As far as this being a sign of no gains, again it depends on how long you have been doing this. Some members have gained in a month while others have taken 6 months or more. Good luck.

Started PEing about a month ago, but with school ending didn’t get a chance to really dedicate the time into it. As of about a week ago, I’ve been doing it at least once every day (yay for summer). So my routine has become pretty dedicated. I’ve managed to put the time and effort into it, plus trying out a lot of the different manual exercises on this site.

Really, as far as the whole hanging long and full thing goes, I’m not really concerned about that UNLESS it’s absolutely supposed to. In just the little time I’ve been serious about PEing and the exercises I’ve started to REALLY practicing my girth while erect has felt a little bit bigger. Wishful thinking, maybe, but I’m sticking it out either way.

So yea, as long as I’m not BLATENTLY doing something wrong by it not hanging longer and fuller all day, I’m not worried.

I didn’t notice a bigger and fuller hang after a PE session until a couple weeks after I started.

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Try jelqing in the 70-80% erection range and don’t stretch after jelqing.

I’m gaining pretty well and always have a pretty large/long flaccid after my jelq & hanging workout ;)

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Maybe you are overdoing it? I’ve noticed that I have a halfie almost the whole day now, even on off days.

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