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No Pain

No Pain

Hi guys, i have been reading through this forum for about a month now and i must say that im totally impressed. It took a while for me to begin since i really wanted to get alot of reading and educate myself before i actually started.

Im not after huge gains in a short period of time, i can wait. I have only been doing the newbie routine for 1 week now, (3 days on, 2 days off) once a day. im not after after gains after such a short time into it but what im worried about is im not feeling sore the day after like a do when i go to the gym. I read somewhere that it is normal for the penis to feel sore but mine doesnt is that a bad thing?

No that is not a bad thing. If you are just starting you should DEFINATELY make sure you dont overwork yourself and get too sore at the beginning. You should progressively make your routine harder. Can you post your routine just so others can take a looksey!?!

And oh yeah…Welcome to the forum! Just be persistant and you’ll see great gains!

Now: 8.5" bpel 6" eg Goal: 9.5" nbpel 6" eg (maybe more)

Do you have a high pain threshold? I assume you are most likely not red haired then? Maybe your training in the gym lets you bitch less then the rest of us slobs myself included.

If you want a good workout for pe, make a home made Bib Hanger out of 2 Cheese Graders. After hanging a few pounds while the teeth are facing down on your shaft, I am sure you will have a slight tear to your eye.

Thank you! TT (the lowest form of management aloowed by law at Thundersplace.)

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.


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