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No Newbie gains

No Newbie gains

Hi everyone. I have been following the newbie routine for the past three months and have yet to see any gains, apart from a slight increase in EQ and about 1/2 inch in BPFSL. I know some guys are hard gainers, and I was wondering if any experienced members who are also hard gainers could give advice and share their stories of when gains actually started coming.


Hats off to you for your diligence in sticking to the newbie routine for 3 months. Doing that routine and putting in the research time reading other people’s experiences is absolutely the right way to go. I can completely understand your frustration if you have not seen the gains that you had hoped for yet .. Particularly as you read about the successes that others have had doing the same routine. That said .. Half and inch in BPFSL is not what I would call “No Results”. It sounds like cause to be encouraged.

One of the parts of the newbie routine that is often over looked is the notion of record keeping. It is important that you keep records of your efforts and your results so that you understand what is working and what is not .. Otherwise you have no basis for refinements of your routine. In my professional life, I consult with industrial clients to help them improve their business results. Many of my clients report that they are doing performance imrovement projects and are not seeing the expected benefits. When this happens and we do the forensic analysis, we almost always find out that the client has not actually been doing the full measure of the work that they thought they were.

I suggest that you objectively assess how consistent you have been in following the newbie routine in the past 3 months. If you haven’t seen the results that you were looking for .. Make a slight change .. Add more heat to your routine .. Try some rudimentary hanging .. Break your daily routine into 2 smaller morning/evening routines .. Pick your poison, but when you do, keep track of what you are doing and what is happening. With this data, you can make better assessments and you can also be more specific when you ask advice.

The most important thing in PE is consistency .. And it sounds like you probably have that licked .. So don’t lose heart .. The gains will come.

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Hi, your sure did a hard task, keeping the newbie routine for 3 months without gains, well done, I guess now you are ready to try new stuff like hanging because of your three month preparation

Start BPEL 5.5 EG 5.2 09-20-2011

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Hey thanks for the wise words printman, and yes I have been keeping records of my exercises. I am gonna start mem’s monumentous routine now, and if that doesn’t do it by Christmas then I am gonna try hanging in the New Year.

First come EQ gains, then FSL gains, then EL gains— IME.

Patience, young Jedi, patience.

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Everyone is different if you have gained something that is you reward for now just be patient some gain faster others don’t. There is no technicality in this just patience perseverance and avoid injuries at all costs otherwise you’ll e up for long down tool time :)

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Wow those are insane gains sricardo, what kind of routine did you? (And no, I’m not falling for the “ah this must work for me too!-fallacy, I’m just genuinely curious). Also, are all of those erect stats I assume?

Originally Posted by axZez

Wow those are insane gains sricardo, what kind of routine did you? (And no, I’m not falling for the “ah this must work for me too!-fallacy, I’m just genuinely curious). Also, are all of those erect stats I assume?

Thanks yes they are

Nothing new to report just plain jelq like hell for the first three months twice daily as stated before many times Yes I like my new toll it works well and I am closer to my goal of 7x6 a fair size

Blue eye, blonde latino

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