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No new progress

No new progress

Hi guys,

I would need some help or suggestion. I am 26 years old.

I’ve been doing PE (stretching and jelqing) for about 4-5 years. Maximum achievement I made was about 0.8 inch in length and about the same in girth (that was maybe 2 years ago).

However, the problem was that until 1 year ago I wasn’t consistent in the exercises. I made exercises 1-2 per week averagely. But, after each exercise I could feel the result immediately, penis was little bit bigger (like muscle after body workout), but also bigger and harder the other day.

During all these years my penis was different during exercises, I could feel (during jelqing) that it is like sponge, I got the feeling that if I keep the pressure long enough I could make it enormously big. I felt it also very expandable during every move. As for longer time I didn’t see any new progress in inches I blame my too rare exercising and decided to make PEE more often. But today my penis isn’t bigger at all, even I would say that I didn’t reach the maximum I got few years ago. After each exercise I don’t feel or see it is bigger, maybe just little bit harder than it was before exercise. Also, I can feel under my fingers that penis is not like sponge and not expandable as it was before. I can feel it like it is stiffened during exercise and even during exercise I can feel that my every move doesn’t make him bigger and harder as I felt 2-3 years ago.

Maybe important to mention - now I make exercises average 4-5 times a week. But I wouldn’t say that increasement in the frequency of exercising caused that change, because even now if I skip exercises for week or two and start with lower frequency penis and results are the same - absolutely no progress and this stiffened un-sponge feel under my fingers. Does anyone has an idea what would be the cause and the solution of that problem?

Thank you in advance

Do you use a warm-up? I only get a decent spongy feel when I use a proper warm-up.
Do you smoke? That seems to have an effect too.

Welcome to the posting side of the forum. :)

Thank you on your reply.

Yes, I use a proper warn-up, I would even say that now is better than earlier. I take a big glass of hot water and then put penis inside it, and repeat that for a few times so it should be enough, penis is hot after that.

No, I don’t smoke.

I really don’t understand what is different inside my body (or penis) than it was a year or two ago (except I am older).

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