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No motivation

No motivation

Lost all motivation, girlfriend and i had a little rough patch in our sex life afew weeks ago. Sex just never happened, but now we are back to doing it at a regular basis but its just not the same. I was so motivated to gain length and.especially.girth but i stopped and.havnt had the time or space to start PEing again.. Im still not satisified with my 7” x 6”

In need of some support and a confidence boost maybe

Reassuring words will probably make you feel better, but they won’t solve your problem.
How is it not the same?
Have you talked with your girlfriend about it?
Was there any reason for the sex abstinence?

I don’t really need to know the answers to those questions, you do. Then you’ll know what the actual problem is and you can try fixing it.
As for the confidence boost - I’m sure that there’s a post somewhere telling you that your dick is far above the average. If you want some motivation - visualisation and imagining potential benefits from the increased size always helps.

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Wish me luck! :)

What made you loose motivation? Was it because you weren’t seeing results fast? Or what caused it?

Also you can’t expect to get bigger if you don’t do nothing about it, yeah you can dream for a bigger penis but if you don’t take action then there’s no point in dreaming about it.


There are two dimensions in what you are asking for a boost: PE and your relationship to your girl.

Now if they are interwoven, this will get complicated. PE should be for you and for you only! No woman will base a relationship on dick size. Even if it really would be a factor in the beginning, on long-term emotional aspects, confidence, trust and all that stuff is the reason for becoming a keeper.

So the first booster could be: it has nothing to do with your actual size. So go back to work on PE, no excuse tolerated!

Now what concerns the relationship I’m a strange guy: my only advice is to talk. It worked for me, and I’m pretty convinced that most couples don’t talk enough. About what really happened. About the feelings involved. About how sex feels right now. And if that feeling is only on your side or if it’s mutual.

Talking is risky, sometimes you might discover the truth.

But I still recommend it.

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If you don’t have motivation than you don’t need it. Your size is about huge so find another hobby. Retired PEer’s start a career as bitching asses in NCSE forums, generally.


PE is for life!

I’m 7x6. And some days its not enough, but that’s a PE issue.

If you are having relationship issues, communication is the key, nothing else will help, not roses, trips, and certainly not a ring.

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