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No morning erection

No morning erection

Hi guys,

Just got a question here.

I’ve been wondering since I was a teenager I never really got a daily morning erection. It’s only once in 3/4 days.

But however, I never had any problem getting my penis erect, sustaining it, or whatsoever.

Is this a problem that I should be worrying about? Should I take any medication or do something about it?
Does it indicate something bad or anything?

Please advise. Thanks.

Stop mastrbating at night and you’ll get your morning wood back.

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No it doesn’t mean anything. Don’t worry.

I dont wake up every morring with wood that does not mean my dicks bad. I am just not in the mood could be stress or somethink else I would not worry about it.

I believe it also depends on the current segment of the sleep cycle when you wake up. You have nothing to worry about.

That is interesting. I always wake up with a hard on.

If you have a full bladder you will have a “pee on” , around 75% woodie

I sometimes get them, especially if I have a nap; I’ll wake up with an erection.

Likewise, if I wake up on my own with no alarm, I’ll usually have one, but if I’m rudely awakened, then I usually don’t have one. I think quality of sleep also plays a part.

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