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No more lurking for me

No more lurking for me

Well I found Thunder’s just over a year ago. I lurked around and played around with things for just a little while, and then would stop for one reason or another. Well just a couple of weeks ago I decided I would give PE a real try and see what would happen. I didn’t start with the regular newbie routine because it seemed like it took up so much time.

I found the thread on the “Linear Routine” and thought I would start there just to see if I got any increase in size. I started at 6.75BPEL and 4.75EG. I measured yesterday and I am now at 7BPEL and 4.875EG. I am hoping these are not just errors in measuring. I don’t think that they are because I measured and remeasured both before starting and yesterday. So the gentle way has been the way to go for me so far.

Originally Posted by oneredone1

So the gentle way has been the way to go for me so far.

Good plan. Welcome to the posting side. :)

Welcome to the community. I Hope your gains continue to come.

Search. Read. Learn. Apply. Make weener bigger........Eventually reach goal of giant weener

I back to report that I am making gains. Not that most of you guys would think that I wasn’t, but for the newbies PE is for real. I now have BPEL 7.25” and EG is at 5” near gland and 5.25” at base. I would have made quicker progress, but I had to take a break for about a month because of a thrombosed vein, from sort of an improvised clamping (cutting off blood flow at the base of a partially hard unit with one had while bending with the other hand).

I haven’t really stuck to one exercise very long, which makes me wonder how much I would have gained if I could stick to a regular routine. But because the wife hasn’t found out about PE yet I just try to get it done when I can. I do know that she is noticing a difference, the other night she said she thought I was hitting her ovaries and that it hurt. I don’t know what I was hitting but I know she has never said that before. She has also mentioned a couple of times (in front of her friends even) that I had a big dick. DAMN that makes you feel good, not that I was insecure before, but it’s nice to hear. I think I will keep going until she tells me I’m hitting her lungs.

I keep thinking that I want to work on girth. We have 4 kids all the natural way, no C-section, and the last 2 were over 9lbs. Neither one of us are big people, she is about 5’4” 120lbs and I’m 5’6” 150lbs. So the kids kind of loosened things up on her. I hate to think that I messed up any potential length gains because of girth work, but I’m starting to think I should concentrate there and then move to length. Does anyone else have any experience with working things backwards from conventional wisdom?

Welcome to TP.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Welcome and good luck :) Your beating me :(

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