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No more gains, weak erections, smaller flaccid


@Cantlook, yeah it seems I always overdo it now and then.. Can’t really help it MORE IS BETTER is what I always think

Is warm up and warm down really so important ? Because I never did and if I did it it was while I taking a hot shower and after that I do my excercise

Its winter time. Get a little infrared heater to supplement your places heat. Sit in front of it for warm up and warm down. Its the difference between stretching your weak tissue and weakening your tissue to the point where it all stretches. You’ll know the magic feeling when it hits.

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Extending and Stretching

@Animaleannabe haha yeah I’m noticing that my dick is just smaller and colder at this moment, can you explain me more about stretching? I don’t want to sound stupid but I just want to double check if I’m doing to right

Warm your tissue so it becomes more stretchable. Once its warm enough you’ll know because you can feel the stretch below your balls when going up and at the base when your going down and down your legs when your going left and right. I wear an extender 3-6 hours a day in hopes that its a good setup but in all honesty it weakens my tissue so that I can move it a lot better. I notice a huge difference when warming up and not warming up and having a stretchy penis compared to one that just wants to turtle as soon as it can.

Edit: Grab behind the head and pull on it in a helicopter type way until you feel which area stretches best and start there then move clockwise on the stretches.

@Animalwannabe, yeah I will try to warm up first then ! And warm ups are the same as a hot shower I guess?. Maybe you want to share your routine and gains so I can compare some


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