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No more boners. HELP

No more boners. HELP


I was clamping yesterday very intensely for about two hours. The clamp was just a piece of cloth tied up, and a piece of shelf liner underneath for protection. It was going great, then I stopped since I had been at it for awhile.

That night I was in the bathroom and noticed a soft lump on the side of my penis. It is really, really soft. When you touch it, it’s almost like it’s not there. It is smaller than a dime.
I went to jerk off, and couldn’t get a boner. Really. At all. Usually a brush up against me is enough to get me rock hard!!

I freaked out, not only am I flaccid but it’s the smallest flaccid I’ve ever had in my life! I barely got any sleep last night and woke up really early this morning in a sweat. I woke up with about an 80% erection but it went away, right back to ridiculously flaccid. I tried watching some of my favorite porn but I don’t even think it’s hot. WTF?

So please HELP! Should I go to a doctor? Is the lump serious? I don’t know what to do, I’m scared and I have no one to help me. I don’t even feel like a man anymore and I can’t take anymore of this stress.

Thank you so much in advance,

Hey Eric,

I understand your panic. I think the best comfort I can give you is to say that MANY men on this site have reported similar problems — and have also freaked out in response — and almost always, after several days’ rest, their penises are back to normal :)

What you’re describing is a classic sign of severe overtraining. The fact that you at least woke up with an 80% erection suggests that your dick will recover, but it may take a while (possibly more than a week). If you had totally broken the basic mechanisms required for erection, you wouldn’t be getting that kind of engorgement at all.

In the meantime, you might consider seeing a doctor to relieve your anxiety about the lump. It’s probably a lymphatic fluid blockage, or something of that sort, and will also clear in time.

Hang in there, I think you’ll be okay :)

I’m not a doctor, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I did some serious hand clamping the other day, and lost my erectile function for a couple of days. Woke up with nothing going on. I took 2 days off before I got back to light stretching and jelqing. This morning the wood was back.

A several days break may be what you need monitoring your condition. :)

Thanks for the great quick responses! I’ll wait it out for a few days/a week and if nothing gets better I’ll take it up with a doctor.

Is clamping supposed to kill boners for a day or two? I was thinking of eventually clamping but I don’t know so much now…

Two hours of clamping is really asking for it.Take it easy,its not going to happen overnight.

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Update: everything is back to normal, I’m pretty sure it was related to a lot of stress for various reasons, but I’m taking it easy clamping from now on, maybe focusing more on jelqing and my ADS for a while. Two years of clamping and I never had that happen, hopefully it was the last time!

Thanks for all your help!

Hey genEric,

Are you still clamping for 2 hours as a part of your routine ? Or maybe some changes ?

Most of it was the anxiety of being freaked about not getting hard that in turn made you not get hard.

I agree Eric, a lot of times when you build up your stress level that high, it can harm you sexual functions. You were probably so nervous, you were causing a physical and psychological draw back on your man stick. I’m glad everthings working out for you though. Don’t go too hard on your guy, 2 hours is a long time.

Clamping that long is retarded. Now son don’t ever do that again!

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