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No measurements.

No measurements.

But I can definitely feel a “new part of my dick” when I masturbate. It’s pretty cool, but I never measured since I never actually took this too seriously, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to tug on the little man while I’m at home not doing anything, and jelqing.

Maybe it’s just my imagination but I definitely feel like I have more shaft now since it feels “weird” when I stroke all the way to the base. Like a little extra is there. Anyways I figured I would just post my ?gains?. I would say no more than a quarter inch or centimeter there, but I feel like it’s there. Also my flaccid length seems to be bigger too. When it does “shrivel up” it doesn’t shrivel up as much as it used to.

Yup! It works! What you are probably experiencing is increased erection quality. PE will bring your penis to its full current erection potential long before it makes it bigger.

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