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No luck with girth!


Also make sure you placing lost of heat on your penis before, during, and after you’re work. I use and infrared lamp. I remember reading that the heat will help make the CC and tunic expand.

Originally Posted by marinera
A decon break is a good idea IMHO; many agree that a decon-break should last at least 4 weeks.

About o-bends, I’m not really a fan of those - not so clear how they should work. Of course I have no granted pathway to provide, but in your pants I’d try something new: maybe pumping + dry-jelqs?

Dry jelqing did nothing and I really don’t want to buy a pump.

I am almost at exactly 7 in bpel (6.75 in nbpel). My base girth is a tad over 5.5 inches, mid-shaft has remained at 5 in. This is where I have had difficulties. My head hovers between 5.25 in and 5.5 in. I hope this is enough for most women. When I was at about 6.5 bpel (before thunders) a girlfriend commented that I had decent length, but not that thick. Another girl I was seeing had commented about how the two previous guys she was with were huge and made an indirect comment that I was small. Then I began jelqing for three months. When I hooked up with her again she commented that my cock was huge and accused me of stretching. Weird. I am mentioning these things because I feel if I could get at least .5 in in mid shaft girth I would be fine. In keeping women I need all the help I can get.

maybe you’re not putting on the right amounts of pressure, I do 100/150 dry jelqs 80/90% erection, kegel- grab your ok grip by the base, while holding the kegel, hold it tight and move up your grip-repeat.

routine is important, try to keep that big fluffy state you get after your workout do some in morning and evening, 5x a week. try it

Start Mar-16-2009 BPEL 7.2" (18,3 cm) EG midshaft 5.12" (13,0 cm)

Current Jan-14-2010 BPEL 7.56" (19,2 cm) EG midshaft 5.28" (13,4 cm)

Long term Goal NBPEL 8.5" (21,59 cm) EG midshaft 6.30" (16,0 cm)

I think you have an incorrect way of measuring your unit.

Started: NBPEL 5.5 == EG: 5

Current: NBPEL 7.5 == EG: 6

Goal: NBPEL 8 == EG: 6

Originally Posted by mrlength

I think you have an incorrect way of measuring your unit.

How do you mean? How would you know? Before you state that Mr Length you might want to ask me how I measure. Maybe your right, maybe not. For starters, I use a tape measure, I measure the head, shaft, and base thoroughly several times, I tighten the tape measure. I measure the length with a plastic ruler from the top of my unit. I press in for BPEL.


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