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No longer feeling sore from PE?

No longer feeling sore from PE?

Hey guys,

So I’ve been pretty hard at it, and if you notice my signature already seeing some significant gains! My PE is primarily done during a long hot shower each morning, which has really reduced any red dots or other PE related injury that I was seeing initially as my cock got used to the pressure of jelqing.

After a nice session this morning, I couldn’t help but notice: my cock has actually stopped getting sore! I don’t know if this is normal or not, because I AM using a very tight grip and very slow, thorough strokes on each jelq. Is this the same principle as weight lifting, in that your body just gets used to it?

For the record, I’m doing 200+ jelqs each morning with significant warmup time and stretching.

Should I increase my load to try and attain that soreness again, or don’t fix it if it ain’t broke?


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Your penis is becoming conditioned to it. Keep doing what you’re are doing, but you’ll likely be seeing the gains starting to slow now. You can try adding a few more jelqs to see what happens too.

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The body is a wonderful machine, if it somehow feels a continous stress, it becomes conditioned and makes various processes to resist the punishment (muscles, tunica, etc.).

I thing you can now increase the number of jelqs and maybe add 5 uli’s and maybe 3 minutes of slinky’s and gradually progress in order to see if you can experience fatigue again.

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Co signed to both statements above. Increase intensity a TAD.

I would suggest that you increase a very small amount, but generally the soreness does go away. Unless you stop for a long time the soreness isn’t as prominent as it is in the beginning. I would liken it to weight lifting just like you did. The initial soreness you have from weight lifting for the first time is always the most intense. As time goes on and you change your routine you do experience some soreness but nothing like that initial pain. Likewise with PE. If you are one the newbie routine the general consensus is to stay the course, keep everything mostly the same for the first 3 months and then alter your routine accordingly.

Congrats on the gains by the way!! :)

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