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No length- girth work hindering?

No length- girth work hindering?

So, I’ve been on a pretty stable newbie routine for 3-4 months now, being careful and religious about heating. I am more interested in girth gains at the moment so I’m not too worried about length but I’m wondering: I see slight girth increase (about .2”) but zero length gains, nothing. Is the girth work hindering the length work?

Routine as follows:
10-15m warmup with hot cloth (pretty hot)
20m manual stretching with IR lamp. Up/down/left/right plus BTC.
5m wet jelqs with IR lamp
3x5m water pumping (bathmate or ThickWall) at medium vacuum (no more than 3hg on the Thickwall, on the BM I watch the length for judgement)
In between pumping wet jelqs and very careful Ulis.
Warmdown with hot cloth or hot shower

I must say that when I do the manual stretches I don’t feel fatigue or anything that would not make me go on for far longer, I just stop at 20m to not overdo it. Could indicate bad technique?
Thanks everyone!

It just sounds like a long routine. This is a tough judgement but I often advise against too many different exercises and devices in a session for this reason. Because you may not be fatigued or hurt but you have small gains because you’re triggering the penis to resist you.

I can’t be sure. But personally, for newbies and good gains, warmup, single exercise, warm down seems to work best. When devices and multiple exercises come into play the PIs may still be decent (meaning no injury) but progress stalls out indefinitely after a small gain early on of around .1 to say .3”

This is a pattern I’ve observed and commonly counsel people on in PMs but…usually they reach out after a longer time stalled. So I’m hesitant to make that judgement in your case because gains do take a while and 3 months is still early. But signs just point to too long a routine at this point. I don’t have a more defined answer and for that I apologize.

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Hi TG,

no need to apologize, I appreciate this not an exact science. Point taken, I didn’t think it’d be too heavy a routine as I mainly do the jelqs in between the pumping to keep fluid buildup down (and because I thought it’d help the girth).
But I hear you. I’ll adapt and tune it down, and probably reduce the water pumping to 2x5m instead of 3, and skip the Ulis.

Will let everyone know how things work out in say 8 weeks or so, either positive or negative.

Hey guys, I started with the linear routine and I am currently doing 2 sets of 30 second stretches in each direction, 80 jelqs and really nice warming. One month in and have gains of 7 mm which surprised me.

Should I reduce it to just stretching or just jelquing so I gain with even less force?


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