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No jelqing?

No jelqing?

If you do an extender only routine (so no other form of PE whatsoever), would this result in gains?

Or would the increase in BPFSL not translate into BPEL gains when you don’t perform a manual routine as well?

I ask this, because I have been on a newbie routine since January 2012 with no gains, other than that I worsened my clogged lymph vessel near my glans. The extender I have been using for 3 months now, but I don’t believe this has any effect on the lymph vessel.

BTW, the clogged lymph vessel started a year ago and has not reduced in size, so a break from any form of PE would be meaningless. It’s just that the jelqing made the hard stringy lump even bigger.

I’ve suffered something like this from time to time, maybe sclerosing lymphangitis or something like that (and like you are speaking about). In my case I started to jelq only over the first 2 thirds of the penis (from the base), and when I finish the routine I massage the region under de glans a little at the same time I keep the penis stretched with low strength.
More or less I have it under control this way, but I imagine it depends on the case.

I also thing extenders don’t affect this problem, so it’s a good thing anyway. As far as I know, in general the increase in BPFSL will be translated into some real lengh gains and even more gains on the base girth but I’ve heard that sometimes the needed strength to get it is a bit hard to stand during enough hours.

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