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No Gains

No Gains

What up Everyone been doing PE for 4 months no gains. I’ve mainly been using the bathmate x40 which I think is too big for my only 6 inches bone pressed on a good day but any way my routine is three 5min sessions Mon thru Friday and rest on weekends but no gains length or girth

Any suggestions

Put away the bathmate and try a real routine. Start with manuals but give yourself decon break from the bathmate use.

Honestly man I would put that bathmate away for now and start with the newbie routine. You may not want to hear that but it’s the truth.

I just got back into PE after a 2 year break but previous to that break I did the same thing as you tried the bathmate for a while got no results then I did the newbie routine and I shit you not in 6 months I gained almost an inch in length.

You can always go back to the bathmate after you’ve got some time under your belt. That’s just from my experience though. Your mileage may differ.

Start (8/20/2016) BPEL 5.5 EG 4.5

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So you saying bathmate doesn’t work?

I’d go with the newbie routine as your primary PE routine and supplement it with the Bathmate, but you’re going to probably need more than a 5 minute session.

Originally Posted by MeatGod
So you saying bathmate doesn’t work?

Not saying it doesn’t work you can find some success stories around here with a search but from what I’ve read and from what little experience I have it doesn’t work “well” early on.

From what I’ve read do manuals till you stop seeing results then start using pumps and other devices along with a manual routine.

Start (8/20/2016) BPEL 5.5 EG 4.5

1/14/2017- BPEL 6.5 EG 4.5

Goal: BPEL 7 EG 6

The Bathmate is waaaaay overtraining! Do the newbie routine after a two week deconditioning break.

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The Bathmate will work much better in conjunction with a routine.

If you want to stick with just your Bathmate, stop the three 5 minute sessions and switch to one 15 minute session. With the Bathmate though, just watch for red spots or bruising to make sure you are not using too much pressure. If so, just back off a little on the pressure until you can do a continuous 15 minute session with no trauma.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Thks guys will try the newbie routine and see how it goes

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