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no gains

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Working on length and after on girth will affect negatively girth results


Working on length and after on girth will not affect negatively girth results


Working on girth and after on length will affect negatively length results


Working on girth and after on length will not affect negatively length results

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no gains

I’m doing pe since the first of December. I know that it’s not enough to see great gains but my penis haven’t changed , not a millimeter.

I’ve done 10 min of warm up, quite 40 minutes of manual stretching (I’ve done pe before, my penis is quite conditioned) and warm down.

What’s wrong? Am I a hard gainer?

And I’m also asking to my self if working on length will affect negatively gains in girth when i will train it as girth does with length (I’ve red in the forum that usually many members think that a big girth will make really hard to have length gains).

Sorry for my bad English, I’ve used the spell checker but probably it’s not enough.

I am not vet but I know exactly that you will begin to feel difference while it is not strong. The changing will begin with your flaccid size.

Begining At 11.05.09: El 6.0" Eg 4.92"

Short Term Goal : El 6.5" Eg 5.2"

Long Term Goal : El 7.5" Eg 6.0"

Where is the jelqing?

Originally Posted by marinera

Where is the jelqing?

+1 you need to add some jelqing action.

Don’t despair. I didn’t see any measurable gain for at least 5 months although there were, during that time, some changes that indicated something might be happening.

Find a comfortable routine, stick to it, and reprogram yourself for a longer haul. PE doesn’t happen overnight. Nor is it a race. It is your personal project.

So far as working on length or girth first, I don’t think it matters much which you choose.



Wow. 40 minutes of Stretching? Isn’t that a lot?

I’d seriously consider cutting back the stretching. Instead of 40 minutes of it, try doing it for 15-20 minutes and spending 10-15 minutes Jelqing too. Your gains could be there waiting, but you just need to give your EQ a boost to realize them. Have you tried measuring BPFSL?

Well lets face it if he’s been doing 40 minutes of stretching he won’t gain by cutting back the stretching and adding jelqing I think.

My advise is forget length for a bit and do jelqs + squeezes. In 2-3 months tell us how you get on. If you wish to carry on gaining girth you can add more advanced exercises but if you want length after that time at least you’re deconditioning from the stretching so just keep up the jelqs and add stretching!

Or buy a pump and jelq, or hang! Up to you.

Thanks guys.

I’ve just started a new routine. I’m doing 10 min warm up and 5 cool down.

In between I’m doing now “only” 20 min of stretching and I’ve added 100 dry jelqs. I’ll see how my penis does reacts and I’ll decide if it will be useful to do more stretching ore more dry jelqs ore following the advice of audacia which seems to me to be a very good idea.

Note: i do not do oiled jelqs (even if i like them more than the dry ones) because i have a lot of skin on my penis….really a lot!….and I’m trying not to make it grow.

I’ll tell you my changes probably next month,half of February, because I think that it’s important not being too concerned with PE.

Originally Posted by UFGator
Have you tried measuring BPFSL?

I didn’t but I’ve noticed a little gain in flaccid length.

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