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No gains, please help


No gains, please help


I tried 2 routines, back to back, within the last year, that yielded no results. I am now on hiatus because I got discouraged, but I am pretty sure PE really does work.

Can anyone help me on the path to gains?

Also, someone was trying to get me to buy into the PE package, but it’s a lot of money and I haven’t had results with anything yet, so why spend money if I’m not sure it would work anyway? Now, if I could be guaranteed to gain an inch in 1-2 months with it then maybe.Has anyone used this or know anyone who has? All it is is a Jelq device, and extender, and Enlargel, so I guess I’m really asking about the effectiveness of those products. It also comes with online coaching and a book on PE.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.


Well you didn’t post your routines…but as a hard gainer myself, the small gains I have seen have been from light routines in front of a space heater. Don’t necessarily trick yourself into upping the intensity. Stick with manual stretches and jelqing and use lots of heat in the process. It’s taken me almost 2 years to get what little gains I have seen.

I'm a disciple of science.

Posting your routine would help everyone to help you. Also PE does work but most times it will take longer than a few months to have noticeable gains. It takes time and real commitment but PE does work. Take your time and work at it and you will see results.

Don’t buy anything yet. Those devices should be used when manual exercises are no longer producing gains for you. Post a detailed description of any routines you have done and the duration you spent using them. I’m sure you will get the advice you need to grow.

Keep posting and taking in peoples responses and good things will happen to your penis.

Since your routine produced no results, it’s clear you need to change it.

You’ll need to tell us what the routine was if you want more specific advice.

I need to dig up those routines, if I still have them written down someplace. I’ll get back to you.


Have you tried the newbie routine that is posted here?

Don’t think so. But why would I gain from that after 6 months of nothing on other newb routines?

I’ve never had any gains from PE after almost 2 years now. But you got to keep plugging away and try not to let it discourage you. How are your erections? Have you ever noticed a change in them from doing PE work? Any size increases in your flaccid? Taking note of things like that can go a long way in helping you determine if your routines have been too intense or not intense enough. If you’re thinking that you need to up the ante a little bit, I’d consider giving mem’s routine a try. I think it has lifted many people off plateau. Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism

You’ve PE’d for a while and you’re conditioned well. Maybe manual routines are just not your thing.

Why not try something new like hanging?

To Gator: My EQ was very good when I was doing the routines but it’s back to sucking now. I think I may have had some increase in my flaccid.

To Blink: I’m a bit hesitant to try hanging right now. I think I’ll hold off for a bit.

Any other suggestions?

Also, if I do the newbie routine here, which one should I do? The regular or the linear?

What comes after the newbie routine?

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Shameless bump.

If I understood you correctly, you did a year of consistent newbie routines and you had no gains. I think it would be wise to try something new.

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