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No gains, not even after one year


No gains, not even after one year

Hey guys,

In some way I’m a newbie. I’m new to posting but have been PE’ing for one year now. The point is this.. I haven’t gained anything! It’s not for lack of exercise. Every other day for one hour. I started with the newbie routine and increased the number (and intensity) of jelks after 3 months. No results however. I started increasing the jelks up to 400 times every other day. I’ve done flaccid jelks, semi erect jelks and even full erect jelks. The flaccid jelks looked promising, my penis got huge but.. Only when flaccid, when it got erect the results were gone.
I started taking herbs to increase the circulation of blood (great for people with cold hands and feet) but again, no results. I’m starting to become somewhat desperate and wonder if I’m alone or are there more men with the same ‘problem’.

Thanks for the response,

Flaccid length: 4.3
Flaccid girth: 4.72
Erect length: 6.3
Erect girth: 5.7

Hello knine. Have you done really the newbie routine? Don’t get me wrong, I’m asking for clearity purposes :) :
you speak about jelqs, but not about stretching : have you done it?

Also, after some months the frequency should be raised to a 2/on - 1/off or even a 3/1 - 1/off.

What about warm-up, also?

Hey marinera,

Yes, I have done the newbie routine. I warm up 10 minutes before and warm down 10 minutes after. I’m on the ‘every other day routine’ because I understand the healing process takes 48 hours. Are you sure 2(3)/on - 1/off is without risk? Probably, you wouldn’t mention it otherwise. It just sounds a bit scary.


I think you should try tunica stretching. If your penis is not responding to jelqs, maybe your tunica is hard. Assisted stretches have worked best for me… And what about manual stretching?

Good luck and I hope this helps.

Sorry to repeat, knine: have you done stretching?

2/1- 1/off is used by many many guys here, and it’s not dangerous per se.

Knine, have a look at the TGC theory, do a search. You just may find your answer.

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

Ssa5522, tunica stretching you say, I’ll do a search.

Can’t find anything on TGC theory Chicken, got any hints?

I have done stretching marinera, but maybe not the right way considering ssa5522’s response.

Originally Posted by knine
Ssa5522, tunica stretching you say, I’ll do a search.
Can’t find anything on TGC theory Chicken, got any hints?
I have done stretching marinera, but maybe not the right way considering ssa5522’s response.

Well: here
Thunder’s Place Video Series

you can see how to do exercises properly; you’ll find also a description of V and A stretches (tunica stretching).

Forget about TGC theory for now, it has nothing to do with your lack of gains.

I suggest you to incorporate gradually some other exercises in your routine, like ULI and advanced kind of stretches, and go on a 2/on - 1/off routine. Do that for about three months and let’s see what happens.

There are guys here who had gains after years, so don’t desperate :) .

Thanks marinera,

I’ll check out the videos and move on to the 2/on - 1/off routine.
I’m not desperate, I’m just .. Desperate.

Thanks for the response guys, they help me to stay at it. I was just about to quit actually.
I’ll let you know of the results, even if there aren’t any.

Check this thread in the next days, I think some other vets would like to give you some good advises :) .


.. Nope, never mind, I’ll put a smiley on my face.

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You are not alone here.

I am on PE for 5 months now. Maybe it is to soon to judge, but not measurable gains yet. But my penis feels healthier and the flaccid dimension is increased. So I will going on with the training for the purpose of a strong healthy penis. If some day I will recognize some growth, than I would have achieved more than expected.


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