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No gains, not even after one year

I’ve read the TGC theory and found it very interesting. I wonder though if anyone changed his routine/exercises after reading the theory and had results because of it.

I measure every month mrlength, but there hasn’t been any growth so far. However, I never measured the glance and didn’t pay too much attention to it but I have noticed it has gotten bigger. It extends beyond the shaft, it never did before.
Actually, my wife noticed


To everyone.

Hey guys, I know it hasn’t been 3 months yet but I had to know.. So I measured.

I’ve been using the routine marinera advised me however, I went from 1on/1off to 3on/1off. Maybe I should have done the 2on first?

I gained .2” (.5cm) in EL, hardly measurable so I wonder if it’s real, no girth gains!

This is the routine:

5 min warm up

10 min stretch

200 jelqs (and uli every 50 jelqs)

2/3 x 5 min clamps

10 min warm down

I’ll keep up the work, but because of the minor (if any) growth I can use help/hints/tips and ENCOURAGEMENT!!

F*ck, this really is a bummer (excuse the language please).


0.5 cm, if measurement where consistent, is gain. Not so bad, after 9 months of no gains, you found something that’s working.

I think you could start some real clamping, being very cautious, of course. Or maybe you could raise the frequence: a 5 on - 2 off is not extreme after 1 year of consistent PE work. I think you should do more stretching, adding some fulcrum-stretches: V-Strech, A-stretches, this kind of things.

It’s up to you: if you are impatient to focusing on girth, than clamping+jeqls is the way to go; if some more length is the welcome, just raise frequence.

Just my guesses, of course.

Keep it working!

12 months even marinera! I didn’t sound positive about the .5 cm, I should have I guess, it is is a gain, not a loss!

I’m focussing on length and girth. I just found out something, 5 second jelqs have more effect then the 2/3 second ones. I get bigger and fatter. I’m not impatient, I’m the kind a guy that loses interest easily but not on the subject of PE. I’m truly dedicated and will go on exercising.
I’ll give the 5 second strokes a try for 2 months and do stretches for 10 to 15 minutes using the 3on/1off for now.
Do you think stretching can be done every day? Not ADS but I shower every day so I can stretch intensively.

5 seconds jelqs are good; the slower you jelq, the better, IMHO.

About stretching every day, it is something a controversial topic, even among vets. I think intense stretching should be done no more than 5 days/week; but bennett8 did a 7 days/week stretching routine with wonderful gains; so, it could be wise going with your feeling.

I’ll go with the feeling, mentally and physically. The stretching every day, I’ll try it for a week and then evaluate. The 5 second jelqs are standard as of now. The next round people! Wish me luck.

Thanks again marinera.

Nothing to thanks. And good luck, of course.

Originally Posted by knine
Hey marinera,

Yes, I have done the newbie routine. I warm up 10 minutes before and warm down 10 minutes after. I’m on the ‘every other day routine’ because I understand the healing process takes 48 hours. Are you sure 2(3)/on - 1/off is without risk? Probably, you wouldn’t mention it otherwise. It just sounds a bit scary.


I have been doing PE for only 3 months. I don’t have scheduled rest days. But I do take them when I feel I need it. And I don’t do intense jelq sessions every day.. 1- because they fatigue my unit, and 2 - because girth isn’t a big goal of mine right now. Stretching isn’t as dangerous and I stretch nearly every day, even on some rest days I do a light 5 min stretch session. I have gained 1 inch length in 3 months with no injuries. In the 3 months I think I have had maybe 9 or 10 rest days. I think you need to figure your dick out man, because everyone is different. You need to learn the limit of what it can take, and then stay just a little bit back from it, so that you are close to the limit but not getting any injuries. Other ideas for lack of gains could be the technique (the videos page helps with that). The advice here is great guidelines that are safe for a broad spectrum of people, but some people’s dicks are different to others, and whether it’s the actual exercises (v stretches for example target tough tunica), the technique or how many repititions it or days a week it is, you need to unlock the key that works for you. A good tip is to search for and find all the progress threads or posts by the big gainers, find what they are doing (where there routine differs from the norm) and see if it works for you. Learn from there experiences. Because people can read what you say and try to offer advice but only you are the one who puts your hands on it every day and know it inside and out. And what works for them might not work for you. Good luck.

edit - I had only read the first page when I made this post, if you have had more luck or gains since then keep it up. :)

When I started I had no success with Jelqing. Not having all the info available here I came to the conclusion that if I could not increase the stretched length I was not going to make any progress, so I focused on manual stretching (V stretching in all directions) and Jelq and Squeeze with a bit of a pull. It seems that it took over a year before I finally started to see progress. I still try to get 30 to 60, or more minutes of stretching in a day and I miss days and weeks on occasion and even after 5 years progress is still slow, but progress there is. Find what works for you, do what you can, test the limits a bit, but above all avoid injuries.

When young I was about bpel 6x5 by 2002 size had shrunk down to bpel 5.5x4.8 with age, had to do something!

09/10 bpel 8.4, eg 5.8 midshaft (6.3 base) Goal- 9x6.2 average eg.

Just want to say congrats on the gains knine, glad you stuck with it. Also to Robert Frost. What was your routine Robert?

10/10/08 Bpel 6.50 Eg 4.9 base 5.0 few weeks off due to injury :( 12/10/08 Bpel 6.875 Eg 5.0

03/10/09 Bpel 7.25 Eg 5.0625 base 5.25 Donations Keep The Community Going, Click Me

05/10/09 Bpel 7.50 Eg 5.1 base 5.5 11/10/09 Bpel 7.6875 EG 5.125. Goal is as much as I can

Response to newnew997-Being a closet PE’r I do not have a structured routine. I have been doing simple stretching and assisted A or V stretching under and over the wrist or arm both sides with different grips locking my fingers under or over the arm for more leverage. I did not find it comfortable to use a tube or bar although it most likely takes less effort to do so. I have developed a few ways to get extra leverage and I am sure others have done the same. The same type of stretching under and over the legs in as many direction as possible sometime using two both hands. With all the stretching I am larger at the base and I have always had this design. Now that I have additional length I can hook the outside hand over the hip and get leverage from my side. The error came that I made such slow process I did not follow the rules and use the free hand with an OK grip at the base to keep the stretching of the skin focused on the shaft and so we have what I think is called the Turkey neck syndrome and all that comes with that. I have been working to correct this and we shall see? I will do 300 to 500 jelqs, 50 or 100 Sadsak Slinky, Plump bends, Uli’s, Squeeze and Hold, all as time permits. If something hurts I stop. If I do not have time I do not worry about it. I usually do not do much for a warm up or cooling down. It has become more of a way of life rather than task. Over the last 6 months I tried to focus more on Girth, but with minimal success so I went back to work on length with more focus on girth than I had in the past.

I have no proof of my gains other than the hair that now resides on the shaft and the location of things on the bottom side. I never took any pictures, until well into the PEing. I do not know what to say to those that are skeptics or are having problems other than it works and one just needs to figure out what works for them, as many have said, and for some of us nothing happened over night. Being an older person perhaps I had no expectations and was in no hurry! Thanks for the interest.

When young I was about bpel 6x5 by 2002 size had shrunk down to bpel 5.5x4.8 with age, had to do something!

09/10 bpel 8.4, eg 5.8 midshaft (6.3 base) Goal- 9x6.2 average eg.

Robert Frost,

Congratulations on your gains and your great determination. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your routine. A couple of questions: How long do you hold the stretches? You mentioned 30 - 60 or more minutes of PE per day. Do you have one or more daily PE sessions?

I am a morning person so I will usually wake up early and do stretching and other exercises in bed before I get up and also at night in bed or watching TV. It makes a lot of the stretching exercises easier and with more options than doing them standing. I try to hold the stretches for 60 seconds and sometimes longer. Usually after 60 seconds of a good stretch something needs a break or change even if it only your hand or arm. If anything hurts I stop and go on to a different exercise. I also kegel while stretching and when do other exercises. I also try to get 1 or 2 other sessions during the day for wet jelqing or what ever I can do under the circumstances. Sometimes I have time for a session of only 100 or 150 jelqing strokes or other routine that I can include in a short workout. I usually do not do a “warm up” routine. I just start slow and easy. As I mentioned before I initially had no luck with jelqing so only started including wet jelqing in the “program” about a year and a half ago. Perhaps I was not doing them correctly. Since I do not have large blocks of time I have never tried clamping, hanging, or pumping. I like the flexibility of what I am doing in that I can do my routine any time or place within limits!

When young I was about bpel 6x5 by 2002 size had shrunk down to bpel 5.5x4.8 with age, had to do something!

09/10 bpel 8.4, eg 5.8 midshaft (6.3 base) Goal- 9x6.2 average eg.

Great posts everyone, they really do help. I never intended to stop the PE but I can sure use advice and encouragement now and then.
Since I started jelking with 5 second strokes (yesterday), I got real fat and it stayed fat even until this morning. Great effect! I hope this will be the thing I’ve been ”looking” for.

I’ll keep posting and let you know. Maybe, I really do hope so, I can be someone else his inspiration someday. Besides having a big dick that would also be rewarding.


- K9

What I wouldn’t do to have the same girth as you have.:-Y

One of the most inspiring threads I’ve read is Aristocane’s journey, going from average to monster. Yes I know - the dick is ugly, but look at the results! Gone from average to monster (7 inch girth)!!


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