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No Gains In 6 Months, Help Please

No Gains In 6 Months, Help Please

My starting stats are about 6.2” BPEL with a 5” EG. I will have 6 months total PE time on January 24th, and I have seen NO GAINS. I think my girth is a little less than when I started. I’m not blaming anyone except myself. My flaccid hang isn’t any better. I still turtle from time to time.

Also, I’m a young guy so let’s just say I don’t have the privacy to get any extenders, clamps, pumps, etc.

My workouts are typically as follow:

5 - 10 minutes of letting hot water run over my unit.
20 min jelq split up into different directions.
10-18 minutes of manual stretching.
5 - 10 minutes of heat to end my workout.

It’s important to note that I’m taking a break from PE for 2 weeks to start a slightly different newbie routine and see how my PIs are.

I need your help! What can I do to see gains without buying any equipment or supplements?

no gains at all man?

When I first started one year ago I did a similar routine but stretch (all direction) and then jelqed. I think some of us gain from the combination of better EQ due to jelqing and a bit of lig lengths due to stretching. You’ve got to feel your tissues working while jelqing, that mean you0ve got to feel some expansion. I have struggled to feel that I am jelqing right. When i edge well before a jelqing session it helps me wonders. Also i do some manual Ullis and squeezes while jelqing to get expansion, then i let my dick subside and jelq again.

I think my 0,5 inch came due to good jelqinq sesisons with some Ullis and squeezes. I then did just a stretching routine and never gained. I gained the first 3 or 4 months and then its has been8 momths with no gains at all man. So it is not easy….

try to take time off, and add new stretches and make sure you stretch in all direction and feel stretching/disconfort. then while jelqing try to feel some expansion.

Have you ever felt some disconfort or stretching sensation while stretching?

best of luck and if PE doesnt interfere much in your life dont give up, there are always 100 ways to gain.

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I think You’re overdoing. Start slowly with the Linear Newbie Routine and increase the amount of ripetitions by time.


Thanks. I told myself I would commit for a full year anyway, so no quitting yet! :) I always try to “feel the stretch” but I don’t know how much discomfort I feel.


I’m in the process of taking 2 weeks off, when I get back I think it’d be a good idea to start with the linear newbie routine. Thanks!

What is your PE schedule?
Did you read the threads on “physiological indicators” and “less is more”?
What EL do you jelq at? How long for each stroke? Same for stretches? What kind of stretches do you do?

You don’t need privacy to clamp, but you need a good warm up. I suggest you wrap a towel around your shaft and then pour the hot water on it , reheat without unwrapping more often than necessary.


My jelq strokes are 2-4 seconds each. I don’t do it soft or at full boner either.

I do stretches with an underhand grip where I pull straight down for 30 seconds, down and to the left for 30, down and to the right for 30, straight out for 30, straight out and to the left for 30, straight out and to the right for 30, up for 30, up and to the left for 30, up and to the right for 30, and repeat the whole cycle 3 times.

What would your advice be?

I’d like to add: don’t let strokes last under 3 seconds. You’ll definitely feel them better if they last 5 seconds.


Thanks for the advice. Do you think it’s possible for me to suddenly start gaining out of nowhere? I’m starting to lose faith because 6 months is a long to do PE without any gains (and I may have lost a small fraction of girth, idk). I promised myself I’d do it for a year, though.

Yes, You can. I started a too intense PE for my unit, in a short amount of time I reached 150 dry jelqs per workout. All what I got was worse erections and I lost motivations.

More is not always better.

I agree with Drako, 4-5 seconds is ideal. Around 60-80 % EL is better. You can have a look at my thread “idea on jelqing”, and see how it feels for you.

Don’t overdo it, read the “physiological indicators” and ” less is more” threads. You could PE for 10 years and yet not gain if you don’t listen to how your body reacts. Take two weeks off, start at low intensity, see when your EQ improves, stay there for a while, if there’s no gain up the intensity for a bit, if the EQ drops take a day off and resume with a lighter routine.

Do you have a log? I guess not (4 posts) . Keeping track of your work outs, impressions, ideas and post work out PIs will help you a lot .

Have a look at the thread of marinera on tips for stretching, I suggest you look into other kind of stretches (a/v stretches, bundled stretches) . Do you feel anything when you stretch? At some point hanging may be worth a shot.


Thanks for the reply. I’m definitely gonna go easy on my member after this break.

I’m taking pictures and writing things down, will post a log after I see some progress (with pics) to prove to other newbies that it’s possible.

his routine doesnt seem to be excessive. how doest he know if he is overtraining or doing too much?

How many days off do you take man?

I also think hanging progressively would work either for you and me but none of us got privacy

When conguering a golddigger you need a large bank account, when conquering a dickdigger you need a large tool. When conquering a woman you need a minimum of three things: money, class and yes: dick size. Good news are, you can actually improve in all these three aspects.

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