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No gains help me please

No gains help me please

Hello guys.I practice a more than six months(approximately 7) and almost no results .For those 7 months I have about three weeks OFF at a different time because of flu and other things . I see that this method gives some results and that is why I have not given up till now. Obviously I do something wrong . I have a better EQ and , + 1 centimeter in girth and less than 1 cm in length . My routine : warm up for 10-12 min. With hot wrap// 8 minutes manual stretch (I hold 1 stretch for 30 sec.).The last four months added kegels(200 kegels-4x50 squeezing and allocations of the muscle and 3x20 second holds).My routine ends with 450-500 jelq(around 18-25 min in total)//Warm down -hot bath. Schedule:2 on 1 off. During the first two and a half months gradually increasing load until it reaches current levels.I get my gains after first three months and till now noting.I have some questions and would be glad vets here to answer me.

1. Is it correct to do series of 30-50 jelq with 30sec. To 1 min break between each series (I get stronger erection and I read this can be dangerous)?

2.When I do a stretch(always at 0 erection) very quickly get an erection- around 20-30%(only after ten-fifteen sec .) and I can see that stretching is mainly in the upper part of my unit. Could this be the reason for not gaining in length for 7 months(I have gain 1 cm then I lost it and now I m + less than 1 cm in length.

It is very difficult to reconcile with my current size because it is below average and I am willing to try anything to change this even to lie down under the knife If I could afford it.I don’t know what to do .. Can you give me a proposal or routine for both girth and length. Thank you in advance and excuse me for my English I know is far from perfect.

1. You are doing a lot of jelqs. Make sure the jelqs you do are high quality, and that you are getting the right ‘feel’ from them. You need to feel the blood expanding the shaft as your hand moves up, and get the second hand in place to start the next jelq befor the 1st one is finished, to keep the pressure. You may need to do a light kegel between jelqs to keep the erection between 50 and 70% (40-60% if working on length).
I would just jelq continuously, without any breaks; just one long set.

2. If you are getting erections stretching, masturbate before the session. You may have to do your stretching and jelqing sessions at different times, but that doesn’t matter. Make each stretch at least 1 minute long.

If you have done the same routine for 7 months, your penis has adapted to that level of stress. You need to do something different to ‘shock’ it into adapting (growing) again. Try adding some V-stretches or light clamping etc., and reduce the jelqing a bit to keep the routine the same length.

Your English is easy to understand!

Thanks for the reply!

I’m sure(99,9%) that I’m doing jelq’s properly(except the break between series) because I always feel high tension in my glans and blood expanding the shaft as my hand’s moves up(I can feel it).The problem is that I can ‘t control my erection in continuous session I always reaches 100% realy fast.(I watched TV etc- same).So you’r advice is to do 1 sesion of jelgs?

I understand that it matters how long but what is the minimum and how long should aim?(can you give me something like newbie/average and PRO(hardcore :) timing.

Can you be more specific about streching.What would you recommend as the duration and types of strech.Until now I m doing basic streches(up,left right.)and variations of these basic strech’s-nothing unusual and requiring more experience.

Would be glad if more people join in the discussion will be useful for me and other people in this forum.

You gained about 1 cm in grith; you also gained 1cm in length but after a few months you lost this gain and now you are shorter than when you started? I want to understand exactly before giving advice.

Originally Posted by marinera

You gained about 1 cm in grith; you also gained 1cm in length but after a few months you lost this gain and now you are shorter than when you started? I want to understand exactly before giving advice.

No.just lost what I have gain in length and in the last 2 neer 3 months I have no progress at all.

Than your problem is simply that your gains weren’t cemented - because those 3 weeks off, or because 2 on/1 off is a too low frequency for you. Switch to a 3 on/1 off, or even a 5 on/2 off, for length.

You are also experienced enough to try something new. For example, try to wear a cockring (not tight, just enough to mantain the pumped state) for a few hours after your jelqing session.


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