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No gains at all


Thanks for all the answers.

I know this is a light routine, but I have tried routines like 2on/1off with 10-15 min stretch and up to 30 min jelq I think
And when I didn’t gain I thought I was overdoing it so I wanted to start off again really slow. If I was overdoing it
And I am now under doing it, it really is a close margin :S. And I just thought that I ought to see some gains from either
One of the routines.

A question about jelqing: when I jelq, I think I do shift in pressure from day to day even though I try not to. But sometimes
The foreskin swells up and mostly it doesn’t, but would you say that swell is a sign of too much pressure?

Swelling could be a sign of bad technique, more easily. The ‘secret’ of dry jelqing is to use your skin as a lubricant.

How long have you tried a 2on/1 off before switching to another routine?

Originally Posted by penewbie
I disagree with that “all first gains are related to erection quality” theory.

If that was true, all fast gainers would be older folks, or people with erection problems. I have never seen a poll confirming such theory.

Right. By what I see, older people gain at the same ratio than younger people. The sole exception are boys under 21yo, who probably are getting some late spurt of natural growth.

Originally Posted by Klayton
Complete (and unfounded) speculation…I have no idea what people are basing this nonsense on. Not only is there little to no anecdotal evidence (how often do we hear of chaps who start out with the newbie routine, then increase the time/intensity of their workouts, and THEN claim they can’t gain?). Even if the forum were to be flooded with this fanciful story, how could you possibly know they were ‘toughening’ anything? And what would be the solution to it? Go back to the routine that gave you nothing?

Not that I want to start arguing with you, Klayton; I just want to say that, IMHO, this speculation has some backup:

1) people who start gaining again after decon-breaks;

2) there is universal consensus among expert pumpers that high pressure is counter productive for gains;

3) most people who use extenders report gains; although it is hard to say for sure if the success ratio is higher among extender users than people who use other techniques, the anecdotal evidence seems to point there. (Hope it’s clear that I’m not saying extender users have more gains - it could be possible that people who gain with other techniques have bigger gains than extender users; what I’m saying that it looks like if 50% gain with, say, hanging, 70% gain with extenders - I’m giving arbitrary numbers here); we know that extenders apply very low force compared to manual stretching, so this seems consistent with the above points.

Of course anyone is entitled to his own opionion, just giving some food for thought.

I have used extender for over 5 months and was wearing it 4-6 hr a day everyday. And I didn’t get any result. So now I am pumping.

With us hard gainers, we just have to try all possibilities.

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