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No gains after 3 months .

No gains after 3 months .

Hi I have been PE’ing for 3 months now and have seen no gains in length or girth.

I have mainly been doing jelqs - around 200 a day (10 mins).

Despite no size gains I have noticed the following:

Harder and firmer erections
Harder to achieve full erection when masturbating
Veins more visible on penis
Larger flaccid state

Does anyone think that I may ever seen gains? Has anyone gone this long without any?


What’s your full routine? If it’s 10 minutes a day I’m not surprised.

IMO, you should be doing both stretching and jelqing. After 3 months, you should be up to 500 or so jelqs.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Man, by the way it is good. The very problem that worries me is flaccid state of my P. To increase flaccid state is any body’s wish.

If you have not changed or varied intensity over the three months you will not be able to gain as your penis will have become used to your workout. I would suggest intensifying your workout and incorporate new exercises to your workout, hopefully this will help you to make gains.

Hi thanks for the replies and tips. I will up my routine to 350 jelqs as from tomorrow. I don’t get too much time as my wife does not know I am doing this.

I will try to do some stretching as well if I get time - does it all need to be done at the same time or can I do 2 periods in one day?

Three months with the exact same routine? Yeah, I’m not surprised there’s been few gains. You need to alter your routine some. I know how you feel with the lack of time though. I wasn’t able to do my exercise yesterday until after midnight. Gawd, that sucked. I’d rather do it during the middle of the day, but privacy is so scarce for me, it makes it difficult at times. You might have to focus on one thing and do it with intensity. Try to put more time in though, if you can.

billbob…I’ve been doing PE marginally longer than you and still no gains but I’m just as determined as ever. We can read about people here who achieve gains very quickly and there’s the likes of you and me who go nowhere…quite frustrating. However mentally I’m telling myself I’m approaching the precipice and will soon take the ‘plunge’ into some decent gains. Mind games. I guess if I didn’t do this I’d do what a lot of people do after a short time and give up. Remember if PE was easy everyone would be doing it.

I’ve stepped up my routine to around 500 - 600 jelqs a day, manual stretches and recently clamping.

And another thing we share…PE in stealth. I’m running up huge water bills jelqing so much in the shower and my wife probably thinks I’ve become a chronic masturbator (ok…a more chronic masturbator!). One thing I find easy is doing a lot of BTC stretches in bed at night and in the morning, and the wife never knows.

Keep going


I had no cemented gain until something after 4 months, closer to 5 as I remember. There were, though some teaser experiences, like temporary enlargement after a workout that did keep me going at it.

Seems to me that if after 4 mos. you see no increase, time to change your routine. Just changing that often causes a change.



Took me some time to learn to do the correct way to jelq. Keep at it!

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