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No erection through visual stimulation ? Defects cavernous ? Venenleak ?

No erection through visual stimulation ? Defects cavernous ? Venenleak ?

My problem:

I do not get erections by visual stimuli such as films or the ass of my girlfriend. Only mechanical stimuli fill my penis with blood. This used to be not so. Something ‘s broken perhaps a connection between my brain and my cock. Please help me c

In Addition

Will my penis even when subjected to mechanical stimulation is not as hard as before, and the erection problems is not more 90 degree direction belly button but Now 45 degree degrees from slightly downward. In this case, the more I also no longer in an erection of pressure as before . The corpora cavernosa are also an integral and not so elastic also the penis therefore can also be a nerve damage in the penis depends what you mean something it seems to me as if the straps inside not properly tightened more?


I used to wear a penis ADS master. My penis was thus often blue and cold. After the bear , I often had erection problems. And my penis has become no longer really hard. I’ve still today . My Cavernous are not as elastic and no longer so tense . If I the penis a penis pump is filled only at very high settings with blood use . The erection does not remain after using it’d also listen directly. An erection is possible only mechanically and with a lot of concentration . The penis is also much smaller than before . It’d not so hard. And the corpora cavernosa is slightly twisted. Previously, the erection grade went up to the navel today only 45 degrees . The erections are not as before. If the all in one ADS? May have worn out my cavernosa of the Holdingband in the body or is it something neurological such as nerve damage in the brain + tail. Visual stimuli give me no erections whether or Girlfriend , porn . Only mechanically and not as before. The feeling in my penis is gone. As if he were deaf and not because nothing is stirring in optical stimuli. Connection between brain and penis defective? Or has the ADS worn my straps and caused a leak in my veins ? Venenleak ? What’s going on? Please help me

How long has it been since you stopped using the penis ADS master? Usually the fix for these problems is time.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Why don’t you try advocet’s idea on pumping for ED?

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