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No clue how well I am doing

No clue how well I am doing


I was doing some PE a few years back, but very inconsistently, so I got no gains from that apart from a more flaccid hang for some time.
On the 14th of July this year I started again doing regular PE, using J123’s New Newbie routine.

My starting measurements are 6.2” BPEL and 4.6” EG.

So far the only PI I have is a fuller flaccid hang most of the time as well as a more powerful looking penis because of more/bigger veins, but no size increase as of yet.

One thing I am wondering is whether I jelq at a too high erection percentage.
When I am fully hard my penis is at an about 15 degrees angle away from my body, very straight up.
When I jelq I do it at an erection level where the penis is at about 90 degrees from the body, but at that level it is almost fully engorged, just a bit more pliable, I’d say.
Would it be better to try and jelq at a lower level of erection?

I am mainly looking for girth increase and would not mind if I did not get any length increase at all. Ultimately I would like to reach 7.5” x 5.5” tho.

Do any of you guys have suggestions and can tell me whether my goals are realistic?


You got some good positive indicators, more veinage and longer flaccid hang. This is a start. I would jelq at a lower level than what you describe. But if you can’t do what you can. Your dick will know the difference between PE and masturbating soon enough.

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And it’s only been about 3 weeks. Sounds like you have everything going right for that period of time.

If you follow Kingpole’s advice, the gains might come slowly spread out over time, or they might come very fast like a 1/2 inch during the 3rd month.

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Sounds like you’re doing ok. When I started out, I had concerns about my erection level while jelqing but it takes some time to get use to it and control it. Just be sure not to hurt yourself because that’s what happened to me.

As far as your goals, totally realistic if you are determined enough. Just remember that those gains may not happen as soon as you would like. We have similar stats and basically the same goals. Good luck on your journey.

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Thanks for the encouraging comments, guys. I will try to jelq at a lower erection level and see what happens. :)

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