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No bruising or soreness

No bruising or soreness

I’ve been on the newbie routine for five days now and I have not had any bruising or soreness, where I’ve seen many others have. Am I not jelqing hard enough or pulling hard enough on stretches? Maybe I’m just lucky? Any other newbies have (or not) soreness or bruising?

Your lesson for the day: bruising or soreness is NOT a prerequisite for a positive/good PE workout. In fact, most veterans will tell you that you’re jelqing too hard if you experience bruising. A general albeit minor case of soreness is not out of the possibility, but don’t get into the mindset of thinking you NEED to feel it.

A good test to see if your jelqing is effective: watch the head of your dick. If you see it balooning up/expanding, you’re pushing blood sufficiently. To further test it, try placing your fingers around the end of your shaft just below the glans. Now do a jelq stroke with the other hand. You should feel the shaft expanding with the hand that you placed at the end of the shaft.

^^ Exactly what gator said in both paragraphs. I also experienced no soreness/bruising when starting out and was having effective work outs.

Start:7.5 BPEL X 5 MSEG

Goal: 7 MSEG

Heere We GOOooh!

No you don’t need bruising or soreness to be “doing it correctly.” It’s the opposite really.

Start (Oct 2010) NBPEL: 5, BPEL: 5.875 inches, BASE GIRTH: 5.25 inches, MID GIRTH: 5

(November 2013) NBPEL: 5.875, BPEL: 6.625 inches, BASE GIRTH: 5.625 inches, MID GIRTH: 5

Goal NBPEL(7-7.5)xMEG(5.5-6) (journal)

You probably have the ‘no pain, no gain’ motto that I have when I work out..This is not the case.

Thanks for the feedback! I see the head expand during the jelqing, so I will conclude I am doing it right.

Number One Rule of PE - It is a MARATHON, not a sprint. So take your time don’t rush things

Number Two - If it hurts, don’t do it! In the gym they say “No Pain, No Gain” - That is NOT TRUE for Penis Enlargement.

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