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No beating around the bush.

No beating around the bush.

In everyone’s opinion what’s the best?

- Length trainer
-Girth trainer

For anyone between day 1-60

I have just finished 2 months of dedicated jelqing and have measured yesterday.

Just by doing the newby routine, with a proper warm up, no divices or anything.

Results: 0,8 inch (1,8 cm) length gain and 0,2 inch (0,5 cm) in girth in 60 days.

I preffer measuring in cm because the achievements feel psychologically higher XD

Yah newbie routine is the best starter because your cock isn’t trained at all yet so you can’t over train. I’m almost 4 weeks in and last time I measured was 3 weeks in and I gained .4” length and. 25” girth. I am lucky that I have gained that much so far it takes time just keep motivated and it will come. Just remember to incorporate a lot of heat in your workout I use heat throughout my workout and I believe its helped with my rapid gains so far.

Good luck!


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