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Nice to meet you :

Nice to meet you :

Hello everyone,

I signed in a few days ago, and after reading a lot I decided to give PE a try!

In this post I’ll introduce myself, give you the stats of my penis (still a kind of strange thing to do.. :O ) And my goals..

I’m a 23 y/o boy from The Netherlands. My Nickname stands for “As Big As Possible” - although I don’t really want it to be that big :p I just didn’t come up with something else :p

I think big penisses are interesting, and it would be cool to find out that mine can be bigger too. I aim at length, the girth is ok I guess.. My boyfriend will probably also join this forum.. But he didn’t register yet.

Ok,.. My stats.. :O
I just measured my .. Well.. Tool.. And these are the results:

BPEL: 6,4
EG: 5,3
FL: 4,2
FG: 4,2

I measured them in centimeters, but converted them to inches. You can also find my stats here.

I’m not sure about goals.. Let’s say: first try to reach a BPEL of 7,5..

Ok, that’s it for now.. I think I’ll try to start my routine (it will be the newby-routine) tomorrow..



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Welcome Abap, good luck with your PE journey. Why not start today?

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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AOM's training log

Welcome abap and good luck with your gains.

Welcome Abap, wish you luck.

Starting Aug/06: BPEL 5.5", EG 4.3"

05/Feb/2007: BPEL 6.3", NBPEL 5.7", EG 4.9"

You have set a goal and thats a plan. Now to get there you need to be positive, motivated and consistant.

Good luck on your gains

Hi Abap. Welcome to Thunder’s.

I can’t think of a better way to keep up a consistent routine (the secret of gaining!) than to do your PE with your boyfriend.

Welcome to the site. Good starting stats


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