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next step for a newbie

next step for a newbie

So I started in May this year and have been doing the newbie routine on a very rough 2 on 1 off basis. Some days better sessions than others. I haven’t gained much at all and I put this down to not committed enough and perhaps not doing the exercises exactly right. I’m soon moving to a better environment to perform PE and plan to purchase a water pump too (bath mate).

My question is whats the next step? Stick with the newbie routine? Or advance a little? Different exercises or the same but more?

If anyone can point me in the direction of useful threads that would be great too.

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I would say you should advance with the exercise you are currently doing. Also maybe try a decon break. Try taking a month of and coming back with a little more advanced routine.

Not committed/not doing exercises right? I’d say take your time when you are in the better environment and try to get the quality of your exercises up. If you are positive about doing those right, then take a decon break or start with more advanced exercises.

Also, as long as exercises are working for you, there’s no reason to stop them and move onto something else. Make sure you’re doing them right, get commited to a routine, and then see where things go.

Over 8 months into PE and I’m still doing the newbie routine, though it’s extended and modified. Apart from my 1 month clamping experiment, all I’ve been doing is manual stretches, V-stretches and dry jelqs. Of course, amount and duration is longer than in newbie routine. I’ll start hanging and pumping very soon.

I suggest you keep doing it for now, increase time/amount/intensity as needed and work on your technique. No need to add new exercises if you can still gain from the simplest ones.

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