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Newish to this, and I have a question

Newish to this, and I have a question

First off I wanted to say hello to everyone and I look forward to your support, and I look forward to supporting you as well.

As my title says I am kinda new to this. I heard of PE, jelqing to be specific, about 4 years ago. So I tried it for a little while but never got to serious about it.. Until now. I finally decided that I was tired of being average in many aspects of my life so here I go with pe’ing, among many other things.

I have been doing a beginning routine for a few weeks now, but I have a question about a possible “problem” I have having. After I jelq I get ‘puffy’ behind my penis head (I have pictures of this but I know I can’t post them here so I won’t try). Now this puffiness goes away after some time, I usually PE in the evening and it’s gone by the time I wake up the next morning. Is this normal for beginners? Should I be worried? Any help would be appreciated, and if you would like pics to further explain.

Thank you all, have a great day and may your gains be plentiful!

Welcome. That puffiness sounds like the “donut effect” (do a search on it for more info). Make sure you are using a good lubricant. I have never heard of any injuries associated with this. I have experienced this and as you say it goes away. It is trapped lymph.


Also “doughnut” Duh.

Welcome shinj3 -

How many jelq strokes are you doing during your workout? Are you squeezing really hard? Do you use a lubricant or are you doing dry jelqs? What else are you doing besides jelqs? Are you circumcised or natural?

More information is needed. Most guys do not have this problem. Let’s see if we can figure out why you do.


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