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Newbie's second month progress

Newbie's second month progress

I just got through my second month, and am doing great!

I started at 6”, and am now at 6 3/4”! Mainly stretching, and a little jelqing. I plan to stick with it until I get to 8”. I don’t care if it takes two more years. I am now officially a former skeptic.

Thanks to all of you for your help and advice. I would not have gotten there without you.

Congrats on your great gains :up: .

Always good to hear success stories…Congrats goinfor8! :thumbs:

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Yeah, congrats on the gains!

Good job. Just keep doing what your doing. Don’t change anything untill gains stop from what you’re doing.

That’s what I plan to do, GonaBeBig. I am mainly looking for length right now, and will focus on girth later. If I get a little more length when I switch to girth exercises, I guess it’ll be OK. ;)

Dute, got your message, thanks. You might want to see my first post. Do a search on goinfor8, and you should find it. I am planning to to a month by month posting for newbies, just to help others. I still feel I don’t know much about PE, but hope to be able to help if I can.

Thanks to all for your encouragement!

I didn’t intend for my smiley to wink.

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