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Newbie's low LOT

Newbie's low LOT

Hello again!

I just discovered that my LOT is 6:30. What is the significance here? Is this a general sign of less gains, or just an indicator that I shouldn’t stretch downward? I was hoping to gain length on ligament stretches :(

It means very little IMO. Stretch in all directions (yes even down). You can stretch up more to target the tunica, but just use LOT as a guide. I don’t beleive it is a sign of less gains, just a sign of gaining differently. Yes, lig stretching is generally faster, but tunica stretching is just as effective.


Do your ligs feel tight or loose? Can you grab them between your thumb and forefinger when you pull down, or is your penis too close to the pubic bone to allow you to do this?

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Are you talking about pulling SD or at like 8:30, MM? Just curious. I haven’t read that method of testing LOT.



I’m not sure I even know exactly what/where the ligaments are.. Care to elaborate? I don’t feel that I can adequately answer your question without a little further knowledge. Will you break it down a bit for me? Thanks!

Originally Posted by RoomToGrow
Are you talking about pulling SD or at like 8:30, MM? Just curious. I haven’t read that method of testing LOT.

I don’t know the acronyms. I could look them up, but I don’t think that will help. If I recall correctly the acronyms refer to terms that are past me, so if you’d care to explain the question is retard terms that would be very helpful. Thanks!

Sorry that was a question for ModestoMan (MM). I was asking if he was talking about pulling straight down (SD) or at like 8:30 (on the LOT clock).


Sorry. I disappeared for a while. The test I was asking Lil to do has nothing to do with LOT. I am not convinced LOT says a “lot” about lig tightness. Figuring that out is an ongoing project for me, which I expect will end soon. I was actually asking Lil to make a more direct measurement of lig tighness, i.e., by feeling for them.


If your ligs are loose, you should be able to feel them (I think). When you pull down, your unit will hang away from your pubic bone, with the ligs reaching down to connect. If you can get your fingers around your ligs, that directly confirms that you have long ligaments. In that case, downward stretching may not be very productive. On the other hand, if it seems as though your shaft is glued to the pubic bone, and you can’t get your fingers around your ligs, you probably have tight ligs and can gain from downward stretching, regardless of your LOT.

The ligs should be directly above your shaft, where the dorsal side of your shaft meets your abdomen, just under the skin. If you pull hard straight down (or even at 8:30) you may be able to feel them. It would help if you could see a picture. Search the Wiki for “ligaments.” You’ll find some pictures there.

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