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Newbie's First Post Grand Opening Need Your Help Yes You

Newbie's First Post Grand Opening Need Your Help Yes You

Hey guys!

I just wanted to first off, thank everyone who has taken the time to read this message. I’m a returning newbie who has ultimately lacked the persistent motivation in the past. However, I have the desire to be a dedicated PE master one day, and it will all start off from being a newbie. So if anyone wants to be my PE buddy to be there for motivation (as having a buddy can always help for the days when you might lack such motivation) or if you just want to message me to say hello and have a new friend on here, then you all are welcomed! I’ve done some PEing in the past, and have noticed results, but have always kind of tinkered off due to a busy schedule, and lack of patience perhaps. Now I am trying to come at this with a new attitude and work ethic, as even though my g/f is content with my penis size, getting it a little thicker and longer certainly wouldn’t hurt. We are waiting for marriage to have sex, so ultimately I still have about 3-5 years before I have sex with her, but at the same time that’s 3-5 years that I have to make sure that my penis will fill her needs, literally ;-). So she doesn’t care about size so long as it’s not small, and she says I’m perfectly adequate for her needs, though we just do everything but actual sex. For confidence reasons, and penis health of course, I would still like to increase the size so I can make sure that when we do have sex, it will be as pleasurably for HER as possible. Ladies first. Just let it be known that in no way is she wishing for an increase of size and she never negatively comments about my current size.

Back when I PE’d in the past (about 6 months ago the most recent, two years ago when I first discovered this site) I wasn’t sure if my jelqing was causing curvature. I’ve looked back at pictures of my penis that I took and noticed a slight curve to the left in the pics. However, I was worried that maybe this slight curve was caused by my jelqing pressure or technique. I am a skinny guy, with skinny hands so when I jelq, there is not much padding on my fingers and therefore I didn’t know if the bony structure was negatively causing a curve because of the more rough jelq that occurs from bony fingers. I sound paranoid, I know LOL. So can anyone shed light on the situation? I just wouldn’t want to get back into PEing if I am causing my penis to develop a curve. I’ve also noticed plaque buildup which I believe causes the curve to the left. It’s only slight though so I was wondering if, again, the hardness of my hands has caused the plaque to build up, as it is definitely not Peyronie, so I’m wondering if I’m causing it. However, it may have always been slightly curved and I just never noticed it, and now that I pay more attention to my penis size, I notice the curve. Perhaps from always using my right hand when masturbating? Who knows.maybe you guys have some words of advice!

Yeah, so there’s my novel for the day. Like I said, if anyone wants to be my PE mentor and friend on this site, then I welcome that completely. I appreciate all your input guys, I really do.

Looking forward to reading your comments,

Starting stats: As of March 7, 2007: EL: 6 3/8" EG: 4.5"

Starting Goals: EL: 7" EG: 5.0"


First off, welcome back, SMT. Ease yourself back into the swing of things and remain persistent. You might even want to start a PE log right from the start.

You mentioned you have a plaque buildup that causes you to curve to the left. You might want to check out this link regarding Peyronie’s disease. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious that can’t be cured with good old PEing!

Peyronie’s disease, a condition of uncertain cause, is characterized by a plaque, or hard lump, that forms on the penis. The plaque develops on the upper or lower side of the penis in layers containing erectile tissue. It begins as a localized inflammation and can develop into a hardened scar.

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Current: BPEL 7.000 (17.8 cm) / EG 4.75 (12.07 cm) / NBPFL 3.750 (9.52 cm) Goal: BPEL 7.0 / EG 5.0

Call me NSG!!! My Equipment: Phalosan, KR Extender

Welcome back and good luck in your PE journey :)

Additional Comment

Hahaha. Wow, thanks Thunder! I gladly accept the prize, haha.

It was actually supposed to read: Newbie’s First Post! Grand Opening! Need your help.Yes You!
But I guess the punctuation marks don’t show up in titles lol

Anyways, I was thinking that I would really like to take on the responsibility of becoming the “poster boy” for Newbies in the sense where I can document the uncertainties, hopes, gains, losses, and overall experience of a newbie in a thread or blog (?) and share it with all of you; maybe for other newbies it will be inspiring or comforting to be able to read my experience in our shared journey from Newbie to PE expert; or maybe, for those PE pioneers and long time PE’ers like Thunder, it will be nice to hear the story of a Newbie as they will be able to think back to their own Newbie days that seem so long ago. I certainly don’t want to sound conceited in my proposition, as I don’t want to make anyone think that my journey through the PE process will be any more worthwhile or important than all of yours out there. I do wish to take on such a responsibility, however, because I feel that sometimes Newbies (though I don’t want to speak for everyone, certainly) share a common fear of the unknown. Though very willing to experience the miracle of PEing, it can be a very intimidating notion; why are the results coming on so slow, is this for real, am I doing this right?, etc. So I myself would take comfort in the shared experience of a Newbie member, documenting his PE process with pictures, stories, and his growing sense of knowledge. No pun intended.or was there.. :-)

So I am extremely willing to be that Newbie Poster Boy, and if given that opportunity, I would fully accept all responsibilities with the utmost desire to offer my experiences with all of you great members here at Thunder’s Place.

So, again, I hope my proposition doesn’t sound like a cry for attention or an egotistical statement boarding on arrogance. I simply wish to make the most of my PE journey, and to offer anything I can to the PE community.
So any comments or suggestions would be so very much appreciated. Perhaps this should be a different thread since it’s a new idea since my first post in this thread. Please feel free to continue to comment on my original post in my thread here, as well as comment on this additional proposition. Thanks again guys for making me feel so welcomed in your PE community!


Starting stats: As of March 7, 2007: EL: 6 3/8" EG: 4.5"

Starting Goals: EL: 7" EG: 5.0"


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