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Newbie.wanting some support please

Newbie.wanting some support please

Hi there this is my first post and would like a few simple questions answered to encourage and educate me please.

The first question is regarding kegel tenses that I have read in the newbie I right in thinking this is tensing (retracting)the muscle between ya penis and yours ass hole as this is what I have been doing. Also after the first 4 or 5 I find it’s really hard to tense it like the first few, often I find my self wondering if I’m tensing at this just because it’s a weak muscle? Although I have done 50 both tonite and last nite.

Finally I find that say at 30 or 40 tenses my head (on my shoulders head) hurts near the left and right temples, is this normal?

Just some info on me and my reasons why I have joined this forum.
I can get erection’s but they are really weak and often go soft very quickly :( my penis is smallish/average but more size always helps, although I’m really trying to improve erection strenght as a priority.

Thanks for listening a hopeful newbie

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It is the same muscle you use to cut off the flow of urine. The next time you take a leak, try starting and stopping a few times. You should get the hang of it soon. An underdeveloped muscle will affect erection strength, as well as staying power. Be careful to not overwork, due to muscle fatigue. I think 50 would be a great place to start, and maybe add 5 more each week until you get to 100.

Having said all this, be sure to take a look at the newbie routine even if you aren’t specifically interested in PE. Almost everyone on here will tell you to do this. It is where I, and many others have gotten our start, and successfully, I might add. The newbie routine will definitely help with your erections.

I have been here 2 months, and have seen great improvements in both size and erection quality by using the newbie routine. I started at 6” BPEL and am now at 6 3/4”.

Reading posts on your interested topic will help you on your way. Try the search button at the top of the page also. It will help you sort out the info.

FYI You may be chastised by others for spelling and grammar, so please remember this.

Good luck!

Welcome to the forum, Youngman.

It seems that you have the right general idea about kegels. You’re basically tightening the muscles you use to cut off your pee. The actual muscles that contract have long names—the bulbocavernosus and ischiocavernosus muscles. There may be one or two others involved, as well.

If it becomes hard to tense your muscles, or to feel that you’ve tensed them, you might try doing your kegels with a partial or even full erection. Also, try reaching down under your balls to feel the muscles contract. It might be hard to feel anything when you’re flaccid, but it’s quite easy when you’re partially erect.

Since you’re just starting out, it’s quite possible that your muscles are on the weak side, and that they just poop out after a few reps. I think this is how it is for most people. Just stick with it. As with any other skeletal muscle, you’re better off working it every other day than every day (although I’m sure some will disagree).

The pain in your temples is unusual. It sounds like you may be straining too hard. There’s a training period here. It takes time to isolate your BS and IS muscles, so that you can contract them efficiently, without contracting every other muscle in your abdomen. It’s like the first time you ever played Pac-Man. At first, your arm gets sore from forcing the joystick this way and that. But, eventually, you can manage the entire game with fingertip control, and never get tired. Same idea here. Take your time. Train your body. Listen to feedback from your body. Eventually, you’ll learn to better control these muscles.

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Welcome to the forum. The more you do your kegels the more you’ll be able to do your kegels. If you can do 25 today it wont be long before you do 50 and you’ll hold those 50 for many many more seconds each time.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Hey what does the BC muscle fatique feel like? Will it feel sore?

Everytime I finish my kegels I don’t feel any pain or soreness

Starting Stats : BPEL, 5", EG, 4"

Goals : BPEL, 6", EG 5"

I just feel like it kinda gives out. I have heard of a guy who was doing too many too soon, and started losing erection quality. It was on another thread not long ago. I seem to recall him taking a break for a few days, and getting it back.

As for me, I try to mentally focus on the muscle, and getting a good 3-5 second squeeze. I can’t be sure yet, but I think it is helping me have more staying power.


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