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Hey all, I’m new to PE, just starting my first routines today actually, and I have a few questions that didn’t seem to be covered in the faqs here…

As far as ‘stretching’ goes, how long should a kedgel be done while doing 1 stretch (Shoud I hold a kedgel the whole time or should i only do them some of the time)?

When I stretch/Jelq, my hairs very often get caught and i have to spend lots of time ‘re-adjusting’… would it be best if I shaved/trimmed them a bit?

I’m only 18 and I live at home… if someone is home while I’m doing PE, and gets suspcious as to why I’m in the bathroom for 25 mins+ at a time… what should I say? I don’t know if my parents would be very supportive of the whole PE thing, and if I don’t have a good excuse, they’ll think I’m masturbating, which also wouldn’t go over well since we’re all very strongly involved in Christianity…

Can I get some help here? Thanks in advance!!

hmm... yeah...

Hi jaw214!

Welcome to the board!

If you’re doing regular manual stretching, then your PC muscle should be completely relaxed (no flexing).

Trimming is a very good option. I have a Norelco beard trimmer (model T760) that works great.

As for privacy, you could break up your routine into 2 different times of the day to shorten your bathroom time. Do one session for stretching and the other for jelqing.

Thanks you both for the ideas! So, when should I use my PC muscle? I have a feeling I could get massive gains once I stretched my tendons (or whatever it is that holds it all in place), and I’m wondering what is the fastest way to do that?

hmm... yeah...

I believe you are talking about the ligs, and stretching straight down is a good way to hit them. By the way, try not to think about getting gains the fastest way possible because it can lead to an injury real fast. Instead, think long-term. The gains will come with persistence.

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