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I’ve decided it’s time for me to start PEing proper. Today I measured myself properly, and realised I was not as big as I had hoped.. So instead of sulking and whining about it, I think I should actually get my thumb out of my butt and get working.

I’ve tried the Newbie routine on and off for a while, but haven’t really experienced any positive PI’s. My penis never feels “worked”, just my forearms! I’ve also tried clamping on and off, and that seems to be much the same. Any suggestions as to why things aren’t working out so well?

My starting stats: (pictures to follow shortly - danged 20 post restriction!)

6.75” NBPEL with a slight curve to the left.
7.25” BPEL
5” EG

And there was me thinking I was about 8x5.5! Not pleased..

But anyways, my goals are:

6” EG

Hello, construct, I’d say there is nothing to worry about :) .

How you can say “things aren’t working”? That your penis doesn’t feel “worked” means nothing: you’re not training biceps. The same for PI :PI doesn’t means “Positive Indicators”, but Physiologic Indicators : you should worry when negative signs appears.

So, stay for 3-4 months on the newbies routine, have faith, don’t overdo. After that, let us know any news.

Good gains to you :) .

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