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Hi everyone!

I’m from sweden so I hope you will understand my bad english. :)

I’m new to this forum. I didn’t even know it existed until just recently. I started with JES extender 2 month ago. I have gained perhaps 1 inch in flacid length and maybe 0,5 inch in girth, not as much in erect lenght though. Jelquing, clamping and weight hanging is all new to me.

I will start with the newbie routine. The JES extender device I will use for 3-6 hours/day. How long would you guys recommend regular newbie jelquing before even try such a thing as clamping?


Welcome to the forum Makavelia,

Remember that consistence and patience is the key to success. It is

recommended to do the Newbie routine for minimum 3 months before

moving to more advanced excercises like clamping.

'Life is too short to be Grumpy, always look at the silver lining, and stay focussed.'

Starting Stats 6.15" EL 4.5" EG Current 7.25" BPEL 5.9" EG Goal 8.0" EL 6.5" EG

Thanks!! :)

Hi makavelia, you English is good. If you ever have problems understanding us check this out!

The Scandinavian Thread

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Didn’t`t even know there was a scandinavian thread! Thanks iamaru!

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