One problem at a time. First the ridiculous sign in procedure. Go to the quick links button at the top right corner of any page, click it, then click the “log out” option. AFter you have done that, make sure that your browser is set to accept cookies, then log back in to the forum by going to the Main page:


Add this page to your browser’s favorites or bookmarks. Then use this bookmark to log in each time.

To save a thread for future use, click the “thread tools” link just above the first post in the thread, then click the “add to favorites” to save the thread. You can add folders to your favorites also, to help keep some kind of organization. Don’t confuse the forum favorites with your browser favorites though, they are not the same thing.

On the PE Database thingy, send a PM to memento with instructions on what you want changed, Don’t tell him I told you to do this though. ;)

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