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Hi, I’ve tried jelqing a few months back and have gone back to it in the last month. Before finding this forum and never knowing much of jelqing I’ve started with 300 strokes and now on my 5th week doing 600. (Noticed some slight thickness but have not yet measured) also in the first and a half week of jelqing I’ve noticed after each session got that donut effect and my penis had really swollen I knew then it was working out, but each session after that I didn’t have the donut effect. Would that mean I’m not doing enough? Should I increase another 100 strokes? Oh and another question I’ve heard less masturbation increases size results is that true?

Thank you

There is no reason to increase your jelqing so much right away. Stick with your 300 strokes/day for a few months, then measure to see if you’re making gains. If you are making gains, continue with the exact routine you’re using; the only reason to increase intensity or change routines (including just taking a “de-conditioning” break) is if you’re no longer making gains.

Try a :search: for infinite discussion of the masturbation/gains issue.

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