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Newbie ?

Newbie ?

I’ve been PE’ing for sometime now but only doing two basic routines.

I stretch in all directions, a minute per direction, and then stretch in a 360 motion. Then on a different night I Jelq for like 10 minutes.

Is this enough to make gains or not?

Just a guy,

Hi and welcome to the posting side of the forum experience.

>Is this enough to make gains or not?<

As you’ve been PEing for some time surely you can answer that question?

How long is sometime?

You probably want to be doing that whole routine in one night, upping the stretch time a lot and the jelq time a little and adding awrm wraps to your routine.

Did you check out the Newbie Routine?

Hi Just a guy,

Anything more than not PE’ing at all should result in gains. The level of those gains depends on how much time and effort you put into it. Best way to tell if a certain routine is working is by experimenting with it. Try it out for a few weeks and measure the results. If you haven’t gained, step up the intensity with more sets/longer holds.

well for like 4 or 5 months on and off… I started getting Soft Hard on’s then i started doing hot wraps and that seemed to help… I have got bigger.. But im also on a SHIT LOAD of roids… im a full time body builder. thats all i do.

As you haven’t given us any starting stats on the size of your unit, I may be off base. But as a body builder, I would think you would be interested in maintaining total body symmetry. So to match your thickening muscles, I would think you would want to thicken and lengthen your cock. I have seen body builders that are endowed and not and those that are endowed have a more balanced look. So to achieve this balance, you will have to devote a proportionate amount of time to PE and 10 minutes will not cut it any more then 10 minutes of weight lifting would.

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