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Newbie.not so newbie


Newbie.not so newbie

Hi, Just wanted to introduce myself,,,, I’m Steve and I’m a heavy weight natural bodybuilder from the U.K and I just wanted to say thank you to all those persistent guys out there who tried it, endured everything but hanging from the ceiling and found the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been doing some sort of PE for the last twelve years now.

Why? Well unfortunately I was circumcised by a short sighted surgeon and in a matter of ten minutes I went from a healthy 8.2 to a 5.5 with a bizarre looking twist. And, if I say it myself, I started going through life thinking that the ladies in my life weren’t quite getting the whole of big old Steve.! That’s if you get my meaning.

Anyway I’m pleased to say that about two months ago I flung all those daft vacuum pumps out, got rid of the notion that surgery was the only answer and started Jelqing. Today I measured up and I’m 8.1” x 5.7” and I’m look at 9” with a glint in my eye.

I’ve got a hell of a routine, a huge smile on my face and I just wanted to say thank you to all the intrepid, never take no for an answer hero’s at Thunder’s Palace who have given me my life back.

Thanks guys.

You lost 2.7” by a circumcision? :confused:

2.7’ by circ?. So your headless?

Dude, I think you got your number wrong. Maybe you converted them from metric and didn’t do the math right?

Congratulations on your gains.

I have to say that your story of a lost 2.5 inches by circumcision sets off the bad logic detector in my brain. Did you have an adult circumcision?

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“healthy 8.2 to a 5.5” ??

Should that have been 8.7 x 5.5 to ????

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Originally Posted by marinera

You lost 2.7” by a circumcision? :Confused:

No! The Surgeon who operated on me over estimated my foreskin, made his incision and realized his mistake when it was too late and then cut away the skin around my shaft. I finished up with two inches of skin between my glands and my sack. Problem was that every time I got an erection there wasn’t enough skin to accommodate my erection and I was left with an ‘S’ shaped dick. I got compensated of course, but it didn’t compensate the fact that I was deformed. Over the last twelve years I’ve been using stretching exercises to increase the length of the skin and lately jelqing which is working beautifully. Only problem is that now I’ve got my old fellow back to the right length I still have a sack that starts half way up. I’ve been told that the only way around it is to have my sack reduced and tapered down by surgery procedure. As you can imagine I’m not over keen on that idea.


First welcome to the forum and the world of PE.

Sorry to hear about your botched circumcision job. I would be interested in hearing more about how old you were and why you elected to get it done, etc. I understand circumcision is not common in the UK.

Botched circumcisions are not uncommon, especially with infants because the doctors have even less to work with to judge how much they are taking off and how it will impact the growth of the penis over time.

As far has ideas to help with the scrotum coming up the shaft. The best thing I can think of, without further surgery, is to continue to do what it sounds like you have been doing – over time growing more shaft skin. I have been doing this for the last two years, but for different reasons. I am trying to do what is called foreskin restoration. Below are some sites and a forum that may help you with it, or at least give you some information.

All the best.

Take care and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)


Thank you for your kind remarks.
Actually circumcisions are very common and increasingly popular here in the U.K as attitudes are changing in respect to how British males perceive their appearance, from a females point of view, to be. Most men however seek to have their circumcisions performed by top cosmetic surgeons who, as you can well appreciate, are paid handsomely to perform the operation perfectly in accordance with their clients wishes. Unfortunately I didn’t have this luxury because of time limitations and my work. I have however decided, after some serious deliberation with my wife, to have a scrotal reduction and will be posting some ‘before and after’ photographs to maybe help other men to decide if this sort of surgery is right for them.

Warm wishes, Steve.

Lucky man keep going and yes


Keep Smile

It is Tax Free

Originally Posted by StevieB47
Actually circumcisions are very common and increasingly popular here in the U.K

I Hadn’t known that and so did a bit of looking round the web.

There has been a considerable increase in the last decade (especially) in demand from parents for their sons to be circumcised and from adults - often in their late teens and early twenties - for their own circumcision. That this is the case is borne out by the number of clinics now advertising circumcision amongst their services both in magazines like “Forum” and on local commercial radio. Prices are very high because demand greatly outstrips supply.

Whilst it is very unlikely that minor surgery like circumcision will ever again be freely available on demand on the NHS, it seems to me that private medicine will rapidly step in to fill the vacuum and we will see an explosion in both demand and facilities for circumcision (both infant and adult) before the end of the century.

According to the Healthcheck survey 26% of those who have been circumcised were not done for medical or religious purposes.

Circumcision is the most commonly performed operation in Britain. Last year 33,000 males had the operation on the NHS and tens of thousands more had it done privately. It is a major operation with permanent consequences for the boys and men concerned, yet, anyone can carry-out a circumcision, without training, and there is little legal redress if things go wrong.

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That is interesting that circumcisions are becoming more common in the UK. I didn’t know that.

How old where you when you got you circumcision and why did you have it done? Medical reasons?

With all the complications would you do it again?

Take care and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

Originally Posted by 4Foreskin

That is interesting that circumcisions are becoming more common in the UK. I didn’t know that.

How old where you when you got you circumcision and why did you have it done? Medical reasons?

With all the complications would you do it again?

Take care and happy gains,

Hi, Only twelve years ago. At the time I’d just left the Royal Marines Commando’s and I had stacks of adrenalin 24/7 so I started going to the gym to burn off my energy. As I’m predominantly against the use of steroids I went down the old road of mass eating and spending four hours a day split shifting bodybuilding with cardio. One of the supplements I was consuming was an brand of Branch Chain Amino Acids. Unfortunately the amino acids had an adverse effect upon the end of my foreskin to where it dried it out to the point where pulling it back either resulted in pain or small tears. At this time I was offered a position working as a bodyguard in Madrid. I didn’t have much time to sort the problem out so I went to my doctors and she got me an appointment to have it done on the NHS within a matter of seven days. At the time I didn’t think for a moment of the sort of damage they could have caused me and believed that everything would be fine. Shortly after I recovered and had my first erection both my then girlfriend and I were absolutely horrified. Apart from being extremely painful it resembled what I can only say was a twisted ‘S’. Almost immediately I managed to get an appointment with the urologist at the same hospital who, on examining my penis, claimed that there was nothing wrong with a healthy five and a half inch erection. At this point, and I laugh about it now, my girlfriend piped up ” What do you mean five and a half inches? The bloody thing was eight inches long before you got your hands on it!”
I’m sorry to say that the main reason both my girlfriend and I split up was with concern to the shorting of my penis :-(
So going back to your question, would I do it again? We’ll if I could have had it done properly, not lost any of my size and have my testes where they should be and not pulled halfway up my penis, then I’d probably have it done again.

Best wishes, Stevie.

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