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Hi everybody,

i’ve started PE few months ago, but seriously only on 20 of november. I’m actually at EL 5.59 inches and Erect girth 4.33.
My routine is: warmup - 10/15 stretch - 500 jelqs.I do kegels usually before PE. i do PE 5 days a week. Do u think i’m in the right way ? till now it seems to work, but i’ll appreciate any suggestion.


Sounds good

Just keep doing it. You will see gains. It takes time and perserverence. Focus on how you want your penis to look in 6 months or 1 year. Take your time and be happy with any gain you get. The small gains are the incentive to keep going for the goal you set for yourself. This is not only about exercising your penis, but about what you want out of the exercises and how you want to look. So good luck and keep up the good work. You will get there. The payoff for all the work is a new bigger penis.

thanks uc !

thanks for the encouragement ! …i’ll be persevering on my routine…
Best Regards.


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