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Newbie with some questions.

Newbie with some questions.

After lurking around this forum for a while, I have decided to give this a try myself.

Despite the fact that my penis size is considered to be about average when erect, and that I’ve never had any problems satisfying a woman sexually, I feel it is one of the main factors for my relatively bad self esteem. It’s especially my flaccid size that brings me down. I feel that an enlargement would boost my self esteem, and that is my main reason for doing this.

As I mentioned, I’ve been lurking this site for a while, but any pointers and tips would be appreciated. I’ve been thinking about starting off with the newbie routine by luvdadus. Is this the best way to start?

Also, what would be considered a realistic goal?
My current sizes are 5.8-6.0” erect, and 3-3,2” flaccid. My girth is approx. 4.8”.

Please excuse any grammatical errors, since English is not my first language.
I’m Scandinavian! ;)

Hi Aphelion, welcome to the posting side of things! I totally agree, a bigger penis has done wonders for my confidence. When I’m in a meeting or any room with a bunch of other men (clothed of course) I can’t help but think to myself that I probably have a bigger dick than most of them. :D

You have a great starting size, and a very positive attitude that should make it easy to stay dedicated to a routine that will help you grow. I do recommend luvdadus’s newbie routine as you have suggested. Stick with it for about 6 weeks while you read up on other more advanced exercises to consider after the 6 weeks is up and your dick is well conditioned to the new stresses being applied to it.

By the way, your English is almost perfect, I didn’t think it wasn’t your native language until you mentioned it.

Thank you for the warm welcome.

This seems to be a great forum, free of the usual flaming.

You are right Aphelion, we do tend to get along great. Some times a hot issue comes up, but we’re pretty good with dealing with it. Good luck with PE. I’m looking forward to posting more with you in the future.

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