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Newbie with questions

Newbie with questions

Hi, have been here one month and started with basically Newbie routine for one month. Have two questions. 1. Can someone direct me to a part of the site that lays out the medical and scientific principles of using these exercises for penis enlargement? 2. Are there any urologist’s on the site who use these exercises for themselves and or recommend them for their patients? Oh, one more question. 3. Should I invest in a Bath Mate? Thanks gang, been learning a great deal here :-)

1- It should be some thread about it, I suggest you to use the “search” option on the top of the screen site.

2- No

3- No

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I’d suggest leaning towards the personal experiences of people here who aren’t trying to sell you anything rather than the endorsement of the medical community. Not just one person, but if you continue to read “the newbie routine helped me make some gains” then where theres smoke theres fire ya know?

As far as the bathmate goes and pumping in general there are mixed feelings. I bought a pump and then realized after talking to a few senior members that I wanted to gain quite a bit of length first and I should be doing girth work after so it hasn’t been used in a while.

I’ve also heard that pumping isn’t great for your erection quality.

Bottom line, if you’re a newbie.. do the newbie routine!

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Thanks for the insight on all three questions. I appreciate how folks on this site are willing to provide help to those of us who are seeking insight and experienced wisdom.

I am an engineer and interested I in principles behind procedures. So was wondering if folks had found any articles that have studied PE procedures. I guess maybe the answer is no??

Is there a place on the site where someone has spelled out the philosophy behind the various exercises, like for instance “by jelquing, over time the blood that is trapped in the CC and the CS stretches the tissue in.. And lengthens the ligaments.etc. And, Is there a place where someone has laied out what each exercise does to various structures of the penis, and muscles, ligaments, etc. It would be nice to know what each procedure does to grow or expand this or that. I imagine that there are MD or DO on this site using these procedures for themselves who could explain what each technique accomplishes and why. Was just wondering. I guess you could just call me inquisitive

Most the proof can be found in the progress forum from different individuals. Try it for yourself and see what happens.

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