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Newbie with Questions

Newbie with Questions

I just recently joined these forums, and I’m glad I did. I’ve read a lot, and feel a lot better about myself already, and I think I developed a routine based on the things I’ve read here and other places.

The routine I would like to begin is:
8min Hot water and cloth warm up
25 Kegels
10min of stretching (30sec stretches)
150 3sec jelqs
8min Hot water cloth cool down

Take 1.5g (twice a day) of NSI AAKG 3000 L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate *For circulation and blood flow*
I was intending to be very careful with this, monitoring color changes, unusual pains, etc, but also doing 3days ON 1day OFF.

With the kegels after warmup I’ve read that it is easier to stretch things because you’re worn out and relaxed when you start doing jelqs and stretches. With the stretching overtime I feel that the AAKG powder will help my body adapt and fill me up with the right amount of blood to start getting some gains. According to the LOT theory I should have quite a bit to gain, When standing I hang at like 10 or 11 “o’clock.” Also with the jelqing I was thinking about doing every other stroke palm down, and every other standard ok grip to counter act my curve up a little bit.
Past 6 months or so I was attending college and started a regular lifting schedule and lost about 50 pounds of weight and have been taking a one a day multi vitamin supplement so I think I’m healthy enough to sustain bodily changes.

One thing I have been wondering is that, yes it is quite obvious PE works but there are those who still say nothing will permanently stay. I’ve read about cementing gains and that this all takes time patience and dedication. If I take enough time to cement my gains will everything stay for even years after?

My girlfriend says I’m big enough to fully satisfy her but she wouldn’t mind a little bit larger dimensions.
Current stats:
EL: 5.9”
EG: 4.6”

For a newbie is this a realistic and safe routine to get into?
From everyone’s experiences how much to girls actually care about size? I’m under the impression most don’t say much because they don’t want to upset the guy they’re with. I think my girlfriend might not be telling me how much of a difference it makes. (Just a little curious I guess)
EL: 6.5-7.5”
EG: 5-6”

If I’m trying to make about an inch gain in both dimensions should I consider a different routine more geared toward that versus a continuous gain routine?

I value the opinions and knowledge people have on here, I would really appreciate some feedback. I’m starting my routine tomorrow and will be taking the AAKG in about a week or so.

Reality is simply a hallucination manifested by your consciousness. What do you create?

Expand your mind, there is only one moment, and it is here, right now, enjoy it while you can.

Also wondering if the ballooning theory works or does anything? (Holding off ejaculating to swell up and stretch out arteries, doing it a few times to create more effect)

Reality is simply a hallucination manifested by your consciousness. What do you create?

Expand your mind, there is only one moment, and it is here, right now, enjoy it while you can.

I’m relatively new, but I thought I would give you my 2 cents.

Learn to identify your negative & positive PIs & remember, you should immediately STOP if you feel pain. A little soreness afterwards, bigger plumper flacid, and growth in size are a few examples of positive PI’s. A few examples of negative PIs are: shrinkage after your workout, loss in size/regression, pain. I’ve only been doing this stuff a few weeks myself, but I’ve already gained .25” in length and .5” in girth, some of this was simply a result of a dramatic EQ quality increase, but I don’t think that can explain the length gain.

Learn to identify your own PIs.
Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Following your PIs will help you know when to increase or decrease your intensity/ workout difficulty, and help you prevent an injury.

Be religious with your use of heat—this can prevent thrombosed veins/ other injuries/ from occurring, and in my personal opinion, it makes it a bit easier for permanent stretching of the skin/ ligs/ tunica. Make sure not to heat to the point it’s painful (I read a story of some guy cooking his wang with an Infrared Lamp, causing permanent damage).

I’m sure some true vets can give you much better advice than me, but that should be a start.

Good advices, blink.

Your size is above average, basing on what I’ve read, jeesh.

Also, you should avoid overwork : take things easy at the beginning, because doing too much will not give you any better results.

1/2” length gains, 1/4 girth gains after the first year of PE could be a realistic goal, according to many vets.

Good luck :) .

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