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Newbie with equipment

Newbie with equipment

I bought a bathmate, which came with a free noose extender, recently. Fact is, I’ve never really done PE. Good idea to use these alongside a modified newbie routine, or should I play it safe until I’ve more of an idea about what I should be doing? Cheers!

PS. Had a test run with the noose - it really sucks! Anyone know of any handy modifications to make this thing more penis friendly? Thanks again :D

Originally Posted by Jduheard
or should I play it safe until I’ve more of an idea about what I should be doing? Cheers!

I don’t know why, but my knee reflex is that that is the right option.

1). Way too easy for a newbie to injure himself w equipment. Spend at least three months with hands only PE. That teaches you about how your cock responds to PE and how far you can push it without hurting yourself. That’s necessary knowledge you need before getting into devices.

2) You want to stick with manual exercises as long as you are getting gains from them. Add devices when manual is no longer working.

3) Need to be very careful with the bathmats once you start using it, as there is no pressure gauge. Pumpers here stay between 3 and 5HG pressure for best results. Higher that 5HG is counterproductive. With batemate you have no idea what the pressure is.

All sound advice and totally makes sense. In relation to pumping does it give results or is it a bit of a fad? Based on what you’re saying, (the inability to check pressure) should I steer clear of the bathmate? It was a bit of a.. ‘Yeah, I’m definitely going to do it!’ Impulse buy, (which I’m starting to regret.)

Thanks again folks!

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